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Oto opis co nalezy zrobic w przypadku pluskiew - dobrze jest znac ich biologie
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ktos powiedzial one na pewno nami sie nie przejmuja wiec trzeba za bardzo sie
nimi tez nie martwic.
Bed Bugs
Description & BiologyAdult bed bugs are brown, flat and about a 1/4 inch
long, with a soft, rounded look. After a blood meal they are dark red, rounded
(distended), and about 3/8 inch long.These pests usually come out at night or
in darkened areas. The pest’s small white eggs hatch into almost transparent
nymphs that start feeding at the first opportunity and molt five times before
becoming adults. Usually, all stages of development are present in an
infestation. A temperature of 70°F is ideal for bed bugs; only adults are
present at 50°F or lower. Bed bugs have been known to live as long as 18
months. At least three generations per year are possible. Bed bugs do not
generally travel too far from their host. But when hiding places and hosts are
few, they may be found almost anywhere-- in the seams of mattresses, in bed
springs, in cracks of floorboards, behind peeled wallpaper, in picture frames,
in couches, stuffed chairs, clothing and even the seams of curtains; wherever a
dark crack or crevice might be. Excrement spots are often found where they
rest. Cast skins will also be found, especially where infestations are heavy.
Bed bugs usually feed at night, but very hungry bed bugs are less likely to
wait for darkness. Bed bugs inject a fluid into their host to help them get
their blood meal. This fluid makes some people sensitive to bites, causing
irritation, itching and inflammation. Other people can live with bed bugs and
not be aware of their presence. In spite of their feeding habits, bed bugs are
not known to carry diseases.There seems to be no consistent way to determine
the difference between bed bugs and flea bites. Pets, birds, rats or mice may
help support bed bug populations. These pests are also common in poultry houses
and occasionally infest areas where animals are kept. Bed bugs closely resemble
bat and swallow bugs which exhibit similar behavior.Management Control of bed
bugs can be difficult, especially in homes that have many cracks and crevices,
loose wallpaper, etc. Examine used bedding and beds before use. Usually three
actions need to be considered for quick relief and control. 1. A good vacuum
cleaning job may remove particles from cracks and crevices to encourage greater
insecticide penetration. Discard vacuum cleaner bag in a sealed plastic bag
when finished.2. Use a space spray to penetrate an infested area. Close all
outside doors, windows, etc., as tightly as possible. Inside, open or spread
everything to allow fumes to penetrate. For example: open all inside doors,
take mattresses off box springs, open dresser drawers and spread clothes or
contents, remove or space items in clothes closets, take scatter rugs off the
floor or carpeting, and remove cushions from couches or chairs. Be sure to
remove pets and fish. After this has been done, one-time-release aerosol
insecticide bombs can be used for fumigants. Follow the instructions on the
cans exactly, make sure the cubic feet requirements are met. People must stay
out of the area for at least four hours, or as the label directs.3. After space
spraying, use a light application of an approved aerosol spray on mattresses,
stuffed chairs, clothes, etc., to kill surviving bed bugs. Do not sleep
directly on treated mattresses. Make sure the mattress has been dried, aired
out and a sheet put on it before use.4. Apply residual insecticides to cracks
and crevices. Surface treatments should be kept to a minimum if they are used
at all; bed bugs are most likely to get lethal doses in cracks and crevices.
Repeat the applications if you see signs of bugs again after two weeks.If your
efforts to control bed bugs fail, contact a pest control operator
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