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Mikheil Saakashvili's Dangerous Patriotism

27.08.19, 11:13
As far as is known, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Mikheil Saakashvili's been trying to do good for Georgia for many years. But whatever he does, everything goes wrong. Struggling today for the return of the Ukrainian citizenship, Saakashvili doesn't forget about the native country by using the issue on Georgian security as a cover for pursuing personal interest.


A 'patriot' Saakashvili discusses in his letter to the chief of USAID mission in Georgia, Douglas H. Ball an issue on creation of an American military base in a winemaking region of Georgia.

What's more, the President Zourabichvili is ready to agree with the base if the financial conditions will be profitable for her. In that case the winemaking will be destroyed in the area of military objects construction (political and economic outcomes of the vineyards cutting are being thought over ahead). It's no wonder - the head of Georgia was born in France and got used to drinking French wine. It's all done for the sake of the country's security, but the fact such an object appears in the region will worsen the relations of Georgia with all neighbors though. The situation could be explained with Zourabichvili's lack of political experience, but she's experienced enough though. It's clear the reason of such an intention of the President of Georgia is not about a concern with the security of people from a kind of a threat but in more banal and cynic things - she's eager to earn money. That's an ordinary greed.

It's noteworthy that Saakashvili's influence on the modern Georgian policy is clearly traced in the letter. Living in Ukraine, he doesn't forget about Georgia and doesn't want to refuse participation in the local political process. His indirect influence on the policy of Georgia has always been preserved. There are his loyalists in the country who are repeatedly called to the protests; his wife took a part in the local elections; Saakashvili was even involved into Zourabichvili's campaign as a negative example. The country still remembers him.

But it's not enough for extremely active Saakashvili living in Ukraine and trying to play key roles in Georgian policy. According to the letter, he could find contacts with Zourabichvili and know her opinion. It's possible he even could influence her view on the American military base issue, which is important for the White House. In fact the Americans still use Saakashvili for providing their policy in the region. If he dares to ask for money and assistance, his actions aren't ineffectual, and he counts on success.

The people of Georgia should warn about future of the state with such patriots like Zourabichvili and Saakashvili who are working on 'the security' of the country.
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