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BMW Sauber 2009: Alonso i...?

Futurystyczne scenariusze niemieckiej prasy: w przyszłym roku Nick Heidfeld i Robert Kubica będą ścigać się o miejsce obok Fernando Alonso w BMW Sauber na 2009 rok!

Niemiecka prasa: Alonso z Kubicą od 2009 roku Dodaj do ulubionych

To BZDURA, po co powtarzc takie bzdety!

Jakis dziennikarz puścił bąka i wszyscy to wdychają!

MUNICH, Germany (AFP) - BMW-Sauber driver Nick Heidfeld ended speculation of a
possible transfer by signing a two-year contract extension on Tuesday which will
keep him with the German team until 2009.

The team also said they were retaining Polish driver Robert Kubica, who survived
an horrific crash in Montreal in June.

Heidfeld, 30, is now expected to finish his career with BMW-Sauber and will earn
a reported salary of five million euros on top of his win bonuses and has an
option to extend his contract until 2010.

"Quick Nick" had been offered the opportunity to drive for Honda.

"BMW has always been our desired team and negotiations with them were our
priority," Heidfeld's manager Werner Heinz told German agency SID.

"So we are glad he will stay with BMW."

LONDON (Reuters) - Germany's Nick Heidfeld and Poland's Robert Kubica will
continue as BMW Sauber drivers next year, the Formula One team said on Tuesday.

"Both Nick and Robert have delivered very strong performances in the course of
this season," said team boss Mario Theissen in a statement before this weekend's
Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul.

"They have played a decisive role in enabling the BMW Sauber F1 team to firmly
establish itself as the third best team in Formula One."

Heidfeld, 30, and Kubica, 22, have scored 71 points between them this season
with BMW now 38 points clear of fourth placed Renault in the constructors'

Heidfeld is fifth in the drivers' standings with 42 points and there was no
surprise in the Swiss-based team confirming the line-up.

Theissen said Heidfeld had made a substantial contribution while Kubica, in his
first full season, was a real talent for the future.

"In his brief Formula One career so far he has established himself as equal to
Nick. He is extremely fast and, for somebody so young, already has a very sound
understanding of technical matters," he said.

"Robert is a rough diamond we want to polish up into a winning driver."

BMW said an announcement on their test and reserve driver would be made later in
the year. Germany's Sebastian Vettel, who started the season in that role, is
now racing for Red Bull-owned Toro Rosso.

Not only was he swiftly promoted to a race drive after the departure of former
champion Jacques Villeneuve, but he has also celebrated a podium finish and
walked away from the most spectacular crash Formula One racing has seen in
years. It’s no wonder then that BMW Sauber have signed him for another year…

Q: How do you feel you have progressed over the last 18 months?
Robert Kubica: I have always tried to do my best and I guess I have improved -
in this sport you always have to take it a step further. Obviously, I have done
enough to stay with the team for 2008.

Heidfield jest starszy odKubiicy, ale Alonso NIE jest az tak
wspaniałymkierowca aby sie o niego dobijac!

Juz sa młodsi i lepsi!

BMW Sauber's Mario Theissen wie że Kubica jest lepszym od Heidfielda, ale
dlaczego dla BMW miałby szurac AlFonso?

Heidfeld, 30, is now expected to finish his career with BMW-Sauber and will earn
a reported salary of five million euros on top of his win bonuses and has an
option to extend his contract until 2010.
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