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Londynski dramat - nowy polski wątek

20.07.05, 23:08
Przed chwila przeczytalem artykul z NY Times
gdzie są wspomnienia o ofiarch zamachow w Londynie. Okazuje się ze jeden z
zabitych, Anglik, byl czlowiekim zangazownaym w obronę Solidarnosci 20 lat
temu, ozenil sie z Polka, ktora wyjechala z Polski podczas stanu wojennego.
Oto cytat z arykulu:

Giles Hart, 55, was from Hornchurch, had a large family - three
children, a wife, an 85-year-old mother who lived with them, a
sister - and worked as an engineer for British Telecom in Islington.
But there was much more to him. A former chairman of the Polish
Solidarity Campaign of Great Britain, Mr. Hart met his future wife,
Danuta Gorzynska, who had fled Poland when martial law was imposed
there, in London more than 20 years ago.
He also loved books, particularly those of Lewis Carroll - he was a
big fan of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" - and of H. G. Wells.
He was chairman of the local branch of the H. G. Wells Society. On
July 7, he was due to give a speech titled "The Lesser-Known Works
of Lewis Carroll."
He was a humanist - one of his many other voluntary posts was as
vice chairman of the local branch of the British Humanist
Association - a campaigner for peace, a member of the Anti-Slavery
Society, a fighter against bigotry and human rights abuses. "It is
tragic that he fell victim to the very evil against which he had
struggled," the family said in a statement.
Like many of the families, Mr. Hart's asked not to be contacted by
the news media. "We hope his many friends and colleagues will
continue with his campaigns for freedom and justice, to make the
world a fairer and greener place to live in," the family said. "May
he rest in peace and his ideals eventually triumph."
Mr. Hart usually took the Northern Line to work. But because of the
subway closures, he got on the No. 30 bus. He was declared dead on

warto by bylo, zeby w Polsce o tym czlowieku tez slyszano.

Szczur Biurowy
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