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> No dobra, coś znalazłem, może wyjaśni to sprawę: 
> " Just the ticket 
> A new entity has begun a consolidation move in the travel market.
> The London-based Podróże TV SA is planning on becoming the largest player in 
> the Polish travel-agency market and wants to float its shares on the Warsaw 
> Stock Exchange within 18 months. The firm, owned by Carlson Private Equity Ltd.
> Fund, wants to raise zł.17-20 million in share capital, which would enable it 
> to take over tour operator PES Travel and travel-dedicated TV channel Telewizja
> Podróże. Letters of intent have already been signed. However, the company would
> not limit acquisitions to these two concerns. Executives areandnbsp; planning 
> further acquisitions of traditional tour operators and reveal that talks are 
> already in progress with one of the biggest travel agents in Poland. Robert 
> Niczewski from Liberty Group PR agency says: "The success of the company is 
> going to be based on three pillars, the first one being traditional points of 
> sale, the second, offers presented on television and third, an internet 
> site. "Television is going to provide very easy access to the company's offer -
> potential customers will be able to have a close look at a particular holiday 
> resort before they choose to go there. "While the average travel agent charges 
> a 10-percent commission, Podróże TV SA will be able to limit the costs to two 
> to four percent." The internet wing of the company would not be started from 
> scratch either. Podróże TV is looking for an already existing e-commerce 
> operation to take over. With zł.20 million capital Podróże TV would become the 
> biggest tour operator in the Polish market. Janusz Pawłowski, Podróże TV's 
> deputy CEO, announced the new entity signed a contract with charter airlines 
> Fisher Air Polska, which will start operating in November with trips to the 
> Dominican Republic."
> za gazeta.pl gospodarka.gazeta.pl/gospodarka/1,54641,2948538.html
> Ten Janusz Pawłowski to nie były mistrz olimpiski w judo (tak sprzed jakiś 25 
> lat)?

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