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> a jak sam nie dasz rady to niech ci mama poczyta. W razie czego służę tłumaczen
> iem:
> Recent dog attacks that killed or seriously injured a person
> The year 2005 has seen many fatal dog attacks, including:
> Nicholas Fabish -- parents' pit bulls killed their son inside their apartment
> June 3, 2005, San Francisco, Ca. Nicholas Faibish, a 12-year-old boy who was
> left alone with his family's two pit bulls, was mauled to death by the dogs
> inside their apartment. As is common in such cases, neighbors reported that the
> dogs were friendly, affectionate and well-behaved, but that they did not appear
> to be properly socialized, and had been known to frighten other children. One
> neighbor stated, "The dogs were sweethearts. I never thought they were vicious.
> They were really nice. I would pet them, and my wife would kiss them on the
> forehead.'' The mother of this child has been charged with felony child
> endangerment.
> The following dog attacks made the news during 2004:
> Emily Paige Stinnett -- family pit bull ripped off 4-year-old's scalp
> April 26, 2004 , Hodgenville, Ky. The Stinnett family kept their pit bull on a
> chain in their back yard, where they allowed their 4-year-old daughter to play.
> The dog got free, attacked the girl, and ripped off three-quarters of her scalp
> .
> Sheriffs cut open the dog's stomach and removed the scalp, which the dog ate,
> but a plastic surgeon could reattach only part of it. The child survived, will
> have a total of six or sever surgeries, and will never have a normal appearance
> .
> Johnnie Streeter -- 8-year-old killed at his friend's house
> April 24, 2004, Sifton (Clark County), Washington (State). After playing with a
> neighbor's children inside their home, 8-year-old Johnnie Streeter was killed b
> y
> their two dogs. The boy was found in their backyard. The dogs were half bull
> mastiff, half German shepherd. The owners stated that the dogs had never bitten
> anyone before killing the child.
> Roddie Philip Dumas Jr -- father's four pit bulls killed his 8-year-old son 
> April 16, 2004, Charlotte, NC. Third-grader Roddie Philip Dumas was in the
> fenced-in backyard of his father's home when the latter's four pit bulls mauled
> the child to death. The father and his girlfriend were inside and did not
> respond to the boy's screams. A neighbor and a mailman did, but could not save
> the youngster. When police searched the house, they found an AK-47 assault
> rifle, two shotguns and ammunition -- along with crack cocaine and marijuana.
> The father was arrested on drug charges.
> Madison Kayleen Carson -- two-year-old killed by a pack of dogs outside her hom
> e
> March 11, 2004, Fort Bend County, TX. A two-year-old girl was fatally mauled by
> a pack of dogs outside her home. Madison Kayleen Carson was playing with her
> sister in an area where there were no leash laws. The pack of dogs frequently
> roamed the neighborhood. Some neighbors told interviewers that the dogs were
> "family dogs." 
> Ruby Sharum -- great-grandson's pit bull caused amputation of 91-year-old
> woman's arms 
> February 13, 2004, Orange, CA. A 91-year-old woman, Ruby Sharum, and her
> granddaughter were putting away groceries when her great-grandson's pit bull
> growled and then lunged at Sharum. The attack required doctors to amputate both
> of the woman's arms below the elbows. A neighbor, Shelbi Moore, said that she
> made 10 complaints to animal control authorities during the previous year. 
> Errol Flynn Oxendine Jr. -- motorist attacked by a pack of dogs near Gila Wilde
> rness
> February 5, 2004, Pinos Altos, New Mexico. As 36-year-old Errol Flynn Oxendine
> Jr. was driving through New Mexico to California, he pulled his car over, got
> out to move some items in the trunk, and turned around to find himself
> surrounded by a pack of at least 16 dogs. They attacked him and left him on the
> road. A day later, another motorist discovered him and summoned aid. Oxendine
> suffered not only dog bites but also frostbite. A citation was issued to the
> owner of three of the dogs. Most of the others were captured. 

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