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> Harry C. Stonecipher (born May 16, 1936 in Robbins, Tennessee) is the former
> President and Chief Executive of American aerospace giant Boeing. He submitted
> his resignation upon request of the Boeing Board of Directors on March 6, 2005,
> due to an improper relationship with a Boeing executive named Debra Peabody (wh
> o
> also resigned shortly thereafter.)
> Boeing said an internal investigation revealed a "consensual" relationship
> between Stonecipher and the female executive that was "inconsistent with
> Boeing's Code of Conduct" and "would impair his ability to lead the company".
> His wife of 50 years, Joan Stonecipher, filed for divorce just days after news
> of his affair became public.
> Chief Financial Officer James A. Bell succeeded him as interim President and
> Chief Executive.
> "Sexual harassment n. unwanted sexual approaches (including touching, feeling,
> groping) and/or repeated unpleasant, degrading and/or sexist remarks directed
> toward an employee with the implied suggestion that the target's employment
> status, promotion or favorable treatment depend upon a positive response and/or
> "cooperation." Sexual harassment is a private nuisance, unfair labor practice,
> or, in some states, a civil wrong (tort) which may be the basis for a lawsuit
> against the individual who made the advances and against the employer who did
> not take steps to halt the harassment. A legal secretary recently won an award
> of more than $3 million against a prominent law firm for not controlling a
> partner notorious for his sexual harassment of female employees"

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