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The influx of Afghan refugees toward Iran.

01.09.21, 03:06
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    • tomek.400 Re: The influx of Afghan refugees toward Iran. 02.09.21, 21:42

      Tłumy Afgańczyków migrujących przez Pakistan do Sistan-Baludżystan w Iranie. Film nagrany 28 sierpnia.
      Gubernator hrabstwa Golshan w S-B nie skomentował nagrania, ale 30 sierpnia potwierdził, że liczba Afgańczyków przekraczających granicę podwoiła się.
    • tomek.400 Re: The influx of Afghan refugees toward Iran. 02.09.21, 21:52

      Amid Hyperinflation And Economic Ruin, A Humanitarian Crisis Breaks Out In Afghanistan

      Maybe they should try crypto while they still have some hard currency?
      Until then, however, Afghanistan has hyperinflation to look forward to. Long lines have formed at banks, the currency is sinking, inflation is rising and many offices and shops remain shut.

      Some have finally grasped the enormity of the situation - there is simply nobody within the Taliban population who is capable of running a monetary system, let along a country. Bankers outside Afghanistan said it would be impossible to get the financial system running again without the bank specialists who joined the exodus. "I don't know how they will manage it because all the technical staff, including senior management, has left the country," one banker said.

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