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Why business prefer to migrate to office 365?

13.04.23, 10:43
Businesses may prefer to Migrate to Office 365 for several reasons, including:

Access to cloud-based productivity tools: Office 365 offers a suite of cloud-based productivity tools, including email, calendar, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and collaboration software. These tools are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, providing businesses with increased flexibility and productivity.

Enhanced collaboration: Office 365 includes a range of collaboration tools, such as SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive, that enable employees to work together on projects and share files in real-time. These tools can improve teamwork and productivity within organizations.

Advanced security features: Office 365 provides a range of advanced security features, such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and threat intelligence, to protect against cyber threats. This can help businesses to safeguard their data and intellectual property.
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    • jameshkelvin Re: Why business prefer to migrate to office 365? 17.04.23, 07:27
      Once you import the OST file to Outlook, you can access the email, calendar, and contacts stored in it, just like any other email account. You can also go for any third-party Regain OST to Office 365 Migration software.
      . If you are using Office 365, you can open an OST file by following these steps:

      1. Access Outlook and navigate the "File" tab in the top left corner.
      2. From the "Account Information" section, click on the "Account Settings" button.
      3. From the "Account Settings" window, select the "Data Files" tab.
      4. Click the "Add" button to open the "Open Outlook Data File" window.
      5. Please navigate to the location of the OST file on your computer and select it.
      6. Click "Open" to add the OST file to Outlook.

      To know more detail visit this post - Import offline OST to Office 365

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