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Uwaga angielskojęzyczne miłośniczki zwierząt!

24.10.05, 17:38
Kobitki! Wiem, że nie zostawicie tak tego! Tu chodzi także o koty!!!
(Dostałam tę wiadomość mailem, zaleca się dalsze rozpowszechnianie!)

This was sent to me... PLEASE pass it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Guys, (This is no joke)
There was a disturbing article in the Sun Paper/Australia yesterday about
French Fisherman using live Cats and Dogs for bait to catch Sharks. There
is a picture of a 6 month old Labrador with a huge double hook between its
snout, it seems the Dogs are been dragged by this hook in the water
behind the boat. I will not go on with this story but you can read it in
full on the web site below, I would like people to do 2 things for me if
possible. Can people e-mail this to as many friends and relatives as
possible, England, America where ever. The bigger the audience the louder
the noise you make. *The main item I need everybody to do is log on to the
following website and register your protest with the RSPCA The website
is: "><>

You do not have to be an Animal Lover to see this is wrong so I urge
people to get involved in this, Please.

Thanks in the name of the suffering animals....

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