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W Londynie nie spada, i o pomocy Państwa

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The Economist
Figures from the ONS show average prices up 3.3% over the 12 months to July, and that was largely driven by London, where prices were up 9.7%. In relation to earnings, London house prices are almost as expensive for first-time buyers as at the peak. Even in 2007-2008, nearly 220,000 homes were constructed. But the 2011 number was just under 146,000.

Rather than help first-time-buyers to afford inflated prices, the best approach would be to drive prices down by a housebuilding programme.

i to jest gwoźdź do trumny dla młodych
Record low interest rates have played a big part in keeping house prices from falling further, and ther potential impact on the housing market may affect the timetable for returning policy to normal. But which part of the population is best served by high house prices? Not the young who are condemed to living with their parents into their 30s or cramming themselves into shared accommodation. The middle-aged and the old benefit, and they have already landed the young with the bill for their pensions.
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