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Erectile Dysfunction – Is There A Cure?

26.05.12, 10:04
Detailing certain emotions such as humiliation and pain is not exactly common place when referring to men. However, I do get many questions and concerns of exactly this nature. I frequently hear things that even the close friends, wives and girlfriends of these men may not know. A specific topic many men share is dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) also known as male impotence. In basic terms, it is being unable to produce or maintain an erection to the point that sexual performance is adversely affected. What this description does not include though is the psychological stress created by both the man or couple due to the issue. A person may feel completely comfortable conversing about his cholesterol level or even blood pressure. These are of course potentially serious problems. But feelings of embarrassment or shame tend to accompany erectile dysfunction. Emotional stressors and/or physical causes may be creating the problem. ED is a known side effect of many blood pressure medications or certain health conditions. However, I find that most often ED is most often emotionally caused. There are many cases of ED that should have been a temporary issue as the believed causes were temporary. However, the many emotions associated with ED can actually create enough added stress to continue the problem. Knowing that as many as 1 in 5 men experience ED acknowledges that it is not a rare condition, but given the stigma surrounding lack of sexual prowess, it is logical to assume that these statistics are much lower than what the reality likely is. So, lacking treatment, the man’s romantic or marital relationship is suffering provided he is inclined to enter into a relationship at all. Given the embarrassment many feel with this issue, is it even worth the risk? Now additional damage is done to his confidence which further perpetuates the problem. The good news though is that ED can be treated regardless of physical or emotional causes. When spontaneous erections occur can help mark the difference between the causes of ED. If an erection can be produced alone or if one wakes with an erection, then the ED is very likely emotional in nature. If not, then the cause can be both psychological and physical. Treating ED can be as simple as beginning a regular aerobic exercise routine. For those who prefer a medical solution, there are pharmaceuticals available. The efficacy of these medicines has only been shown to be about 40%. There are also various devices on the market such as vacuum therapy which some find helpful. But others find this an awkward treatment and have even experienced irreversible damage. Talk therapy which is a great way to help alleviate emotional problems associated with ED is showing very positive results. With all the available treatments out there today, you (or your partner) can have the happy intimate life you seek. My Erectile Mastery Program is a safe, natural treatment that could be just what you have been waiting for. ==>> <<==
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