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ludzie to maja pomysly:)

20.01.07, 22:58
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    • aniutek Re: ludzie to maja pomysly:) 21.01.07, 03:41
      4. At that price, it should change diapers, too
      CPA Ruth Ann Michnay of St. Paul, Minn., thought she might have been out of touch with maternity
      technology on this one: "I once had a young mother as a client who listed a breast pump at over $300,"
      she says. "My kids are grown up but I never remember them being that expensive, so my first reaction
      was that it must have been some medical situation with the child. You never know. But no, it was
      strictly for her convenience to operate. She was claiming it as a medical expense. I talked her out of it."

      - co w tymjest smiesznego/niezgodnego z prawem ?nie lapie
      ale ze mnie bardzo kiepski ksiegowy :(
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