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Dobra, mocna strona !!!!!

Wiem ze wy tu za bardzo po angielsku
nie mowicie, ale co szkodzi sprobowac...

We are the chinese young man standing in front of the tank.
And you ?
If you are nowhere to be seen, you are probabily inside the tank,
advising the driver.

(...) Such hopes were dashed three years later, when I spent three
weeks with a celebrated reconnaissance company in the confiscated ruins
of a villa at the outskirts of the Abasans (if you don't know where this
is, it's your problem). This is where it became clear to me that the
same humane reserve soldier could also be an ugly, wretched macho
undergoing a total regression back to his days as a young conscript.
Already on the bus ride to the Gaza strip, the soldiers were competing
with each other: whose "heroic" tales of murderous beatings during the
Intifada were better (in case you missed this point: the beatings were
literally murderous: beating to death). Going on patrol duty with these
guys once was all that I could take. I went up to the placement officer
and requested to be given guard duty only. Placement officers like
people like me: most soldiers can't tolerate staying inside the base
longer than a couple of hours."

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