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Fortuna Kolomyjskiego w USA

09.08.20, 23:11
Oj wielki problem, chca nu zabrac jego posiadlosci .
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    • boavista4 Re: Fortuna Kolomyjskiego w USA 09.08.20, 23:35

      Kolomyjski jest patronem obecnego prezydenta Ukry Zelenskiego. Robi sie ciekawie!

      The Justice Department's August 6 civil forfeiture complaint targeted commercial properties in Texas and Kentucky belonging to a company controlled by Ihor Kolomoyskiy. It came two days after FBI agents raided offices of Kolomoisky's and his partners in Miami and Cleveland.

      The civil complaint accuses Kolomoyskiy and his Ukrainian partner, Hennadiy Boholyubov, of stealing "billions of dollars" from their PrivatBank through bogus loans and laundering it into the United States with the help of two American partners.
      Kolomoyskiy, a billionaire who owns metals and energy assets, is considered to be one of the most influential tycoons in Ukraine.

      He fled Ukraine in 2017 amid concerns over prosecution and a falling out with then-President Petro Poroshenko.

      However, he returned to the country from self-imposed exile in Israel a month after Zelenskiy defeated Poroshenko in April 2019 in a landslide.

      Western officials and institutions have expressed concerns over Kolomoyskiy's proximity to the president and his attempts to recover PrivatBank.

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