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Obecnosc wirusa potwierdzono w Brazylii

22.03.21, 11:27
nim go wykryyo w Wuhan
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    • boavista4 Re: COVID obecny kuz, w papayi , innych roslinach. 22.03.21, 15:17
      w wodzie pitnej ,m sciekach, powietrzu, w ziemi, gwiazdach , te i inne pierdoly snuja sie sie mediach glownego scieku.
      DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Coronavirus test kits used in Tanzania were dismissed as faulty by President John Magufuli on Sunday, because he said they had returned positive results on samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw.

      • boavista4 Re: COVID obecny kuz, w papayi , innych roslinach 22.03.21, 15:28

        Dear Patriot, Did you see me on Fox News on Friday? I was on Fox and Friends in the morning, and Tucker Carlson at night. Why twice?

        Well, I had something very important to say. You can watch it here.

        Watch Here

        Government bureaucrats and petty tyrants continue their theater, and I’ve had ENOUGH of it.

        They insist if you’ve had Covid or been vaccinated you should wear a mask - heck make that TWO masks.

        Dr. Fauci even showed up to the Senate the other day wearing two — and he’s been fully vaccinated.

        That’s not science. It’s not freedom.

        It’s political theater and it’s meant to control you.

        Take a look at the video from FOX if you haven’t seen what’s been going on.

        And if you can, take a minute to help me as well.

        You see, when I take on the fake science movement, or any other fight like this, the liberal media and the online left go after me hard. And I’m up fo re-election, which means they’re lining up MILLIONS to spend against me.

        Will you help me fight back today?

        I can’t tell you how much it means to have you by my side in these fights. I’ll keep going every day. I hope you’ll keep having my back and helping me come back to the Senate.

        In Liberty,

        Rand Paul MD
    • mlody774 Re: Obecnosc wirusa potwierdzono w Brazylii 22.03.21, 20:59
      Obecnie tam gdzie szczepiono, jest duzy wzrost korony wirusa:
      Rety, co to może być? Czyżby nasze przewidywania o nieskuteczność szczepionki były prawdziwe? Czy ona naprawdę niszczy system odpornościowy? OhOhOhOh ci upośledzeni nasi mądralę. Juz niedługo można będzie ich oskarżać o ludobójstwo.
    • boavista4 Re: Obecnosc wirusa potwierdzono w Europie 23.03.21, 16:06
      Jak widac Europa miala tego wirusa rowniez na dlugo przed Wuhan. Ciekawe co tez ci naukowpowcy nie znajda!
      a tu jeszcze inne badania znalazly cowida w santa CATALINA
      We analysed human sewage located in Florianópolis (Santa Catalina, Brazil) from late
      October until the Brazil lockdown on early March. We detected SARS-CoV-2 in two
      samples collected independently on 27th November 2019 (5.49±0.02 log genome
      copies/L). Subsequent samplings were positive until 4th March 2020 (coinciding with
      the first COVID-19 case reported in Santa Catalina), with a SARS-CoV-2 RNA increase of
      one log (6.68±0.02 log genome copies/L). Our results show that SARS-CoV-2 has been
      circulating in Brazil since late November 2019, much earlier than the first reported
      case in the Americas (21st January 2020, USA).

      a tu znaleziono go w Europie, ho ho ho!!
      The novel coronavirus – SARS-CoV-2 – may have been in Europe for longer than previously thought. Recent studies have suggested that it was circulating in Italy as early as December 2019. More surprisingly, researchers at the University of Barcelona found traces of the virus when testing untreated wastewater samples dated March 12, 2019.

      • boavista4 Re: czy maria Skłodowska nie wynalazła COVIDA? 23.03.21, 16:12
        To juz przechodzi pojecie!! Polacy byli zawsze pierwsi, a wiec trzeba badac , bo morze to byla Rzepicha. Czy znacie Polski Instytut Naukowy Rzepichy?

        The COVID-19 outbreak has caused major disruptions for many researchers, projects and organisations, including those working with EU funding. The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) are therefore seeking to provide responsive, up-to-date information for all MSCA researchers and projects.

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