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Sziroka strana maja radnaja

12.06.21, 14:10
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    • mongolszuudan Re: Sziroka strana maja radnaja 12.06.21, 15:05
      Не умничай - 90 процентов россиян не акают и произносят это как Szyroka strana moja rodnaja. Ши (Szi), как и жи (rzi) не произносит вообще никто, это просто традиция написания, а произнести такое никому имеющему русский речевой аппарат физически невозможно.
      • boavista4 Re: Sziroka strana maja radnaja 13.06.21, 15:23
        A new poll has found that even though most Americans are proud of their geographic knowledge, fewer than half know where the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls are. Some even thought the falls were in Iceland.
        The poll, published on Friday, found that, by and large, Americans are confident in their handle on geography. Of the respondents, 64% reckoned they could locate some famous American landmarks, but few were correct. Just 38% knew that the Grand Canyon – one of the seven ‘Wonders of the Natural World’ – is located in Arizona, while only 32% knew that the Niagara Falls tumbled over the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York.

        Bizarrely, 22% thought the falls were located in Iceland, while 18% believed Illinois’ Shawnee National Forest is actually in Ireland – a margin of error of nearly 4,000 miles.

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