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Trump bojownikiem o wolnosc!

22.07.21, 13:33
Trump Emerges As Global Freedom Fighter As “Nonmilitary Civil War” Grips America
As to why socialist leader Biden has so suddenly reversed his belligerent stance against both Russia and China, this transcript sees Security Council Members agreeing it’s because he’s otherwise preoccupied by the declaration just made by the leftist Washington Post that warns “the United States is in the midst of a nonmilitary civil war”—a civil war pitting Biden and his godless socialist forces against President Donald Trump and his tens-of-millions of loyal supporters—Trump supporters that call themselves Patriots, and now sees the leftist mainstream propaganda media warning everyone to look out for groups that use the word patriot—sees the leftist New York Times declaring that “a socially healthy society would probably never have elected Trump in the first place”, and them further stating that the Republican Party “is no longer a normal political party because it bears a growing resemblance to the ruling parties of autocratic regimes”.
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