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News- Lauder Summer Waters (ang.)

09.03.05, 13:51
z moodiereport:

"Estée Lauder will launch its limited-edition Summer Waters Refreshing
Fragrance Sprays (above) into travel retail next month.
The collection comprises lighter concentrations of the company’s Pleasures,
Beautiful and Beyond Paradise women’s fragrances, presented in fun,
innovative packaging.

The Fragrance Sprays are described as new and unique blends of mineral-rich
spring and seawater to help soothe, pamper and rejuvenate skin. The formulas,
and the sizes (75ml for Beautiful, 100ml for Beyond Paradise and Pleasures)
are designed to encourage lavish, all-over body application.

Each scent is presented in a cylindrical, vinyl, gel-filled zipped bag, in
colour-coded shades: lavender for Beyond Paradise, coral for Pleasures and
pink for Beautiful.
They are described as the ideal size to carry a day’s worth of beach
essentials, such as sunscreen, mirror, sunglasses and a drink.

The launch will be supported with extensive in-store and PR activity. The
objectives are three-fold: to compete effectively within the summer fragrance
segment; to support the brand’s core fragrances and continue to build
momentum behind the Beyond Paradise masterbrand; and to encourage impulse
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