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Esxte din slucx vo Moskva - novju uroven otnosenie

12.08.05, 08:14
Dobrju utro, drugis!
Vo Moskva vnov bil pobit Polakia grodnik, zxurnalist. Tper result igra
Polakia: Rosia es 3:3. :) Cxto sledit posle? Virazxajme svoi mnenie, ono mne i
ja mislit ne tolk mne velm interesuo.
So uvazxenie,
P.S. Izvinit mne ja ne razumit Polakio, ja bi voprosit vas pisat v Angloio ili
Rusio ili bolsh dobro v Slovio.
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    • panzerviii Re: Esxte din slucx vo Moskva - novju uroven otno 12.08.05, 09:20
      Are You Slovakian? What language have You written your post? It is easy to
      notice it is slave language. I have spent ma holidays in Slovakia so many times
      (Slovakian mountains are the most beutiful) I have visited Slovakia even
      present year (termal swieming pool in Oravice) but I have been always able to
      comunicate with Slovakian using Polish. Our languages are enough similar I
      thing so.

      Please forgive my speling mistakes and poor English (((
        • waldek1610 Re: Esxte din slucx vo Moskva - novju uroven otno 13.08.05, 08:04
          Well, there has been total of four Polish guys beaten by Russian KGB, on
          Putin's direct order, actually KCB is not the FBI, and they made mistake by
          beating up the fourth guy who was acutally Russian driver working for Polish
          Embassy in Moscow.
          Joh2008,do you know that those 3 kids of the Russian diplomats in Warsaw were
          beaten by some teen- age street gang, it was not political.
          I think the problem is that Putin can not understand that Poland was always a
          Western Country, and Russia is Eastern, so Poland is not looking your way for
          anything other than free trade. Russians must understand that Poland is
          not "prostytytka" it is a free country that doesn't want to be Russia's
          satelite, thats all.
          • kontrkultura Is Putin responsible for those events? 13.08.05, 13:37
            I think that in Moscow Polish citizens, or people working at Polish embassy
            were assaulted by Russian nazi scums (not KGB or anythink like that, as it`s
            logically non sens), but they were provocated by Putin, as he told in
            television about Poles persecuting Russian children, however that crime was not
            based on hate to Russians. Now he is asking not to use those events to ecalate
            conflict between Russia and Poland. But who uses it, i ask???
          • joh2008 Re: Esxte din slucx vo Moskva - novju uroven otno 15.08.05, 10:26
            waldek1610 napisał:
            > Well, there has been total of four Polish guys beaten...
            Li mozxijsx scxitat? Dva posoldomju cxinovnikis i din zxurnalist - to es tolk
            tri. Hoc vo Varsxava bil pobitju cxtir detes, poxc vacx "ulitsa-banditis"
            krikil proti-rusju sloganis?
            >> by Russian KGB, on Putin's direct order
            LOL!!! Mozgcxistenie vo Polakia robit soverhuo! Ti mislit sxto Putin dolzx
            opekat vse mlek-sosatelis kto polucxil pobitie i on bil dolzxbi zakazit KGB
            nacxit karanie vse Polakio? Verij mne, ti dolzx navestit doktor.

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