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Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group in the

15.08.22, 17:57
Russian hackers are discovering more and more interesting things to the world.

Alternating hacks of defense corporations, and posting secret data of the Customs service of Ukraine to the network, specialists also manage to periodically read the correspondence of high-ranking SBU employees.

From the latter, plans for training Ukrainian DRGs on the territory of Estonia and Lithuania, as well as the location of training centers where militants are trained, have been identified.

Screenshot taken from the darknet
It is interesting that the SBU officers involved in the process are seriously discussing the possibility of using the territory of Estonia and Lithuania to drop trained groups in Russia through the "green card".

At the same time, one of the organizers expresses concern that the Europeans who assist them will merge at the last moment and will not go for such an option. However, the Americans are determined to create small clashes on the border of the Russian Federation. In their opinion, the Russians will not aggravate relations with NATO, and carrying out sabotage in the border areas of Russia, without significant retaliatory actions, will drop the level of trust of the local population in the authorities.

Let's look at exactly where these training centers are located, and what they are:
Two Latvian bases are located in the city of Klaipeda with a distance of 100 km from Kaliningrad.

Dragoon Motorized Infantry Battalion named after Butigeidis "Zhemaitiya". The number of personnel is about 800 people.
Of note is that the main task of this armed formation is to protect the territory of the country before the arrival of NATO reinforcement forces (apparently not now, you can also go on the attack)

The third area of territorial defense of the troops of the
The number is only 90 people. They are stationed in the same place as the first guys.

Artillery battalion stationed in the locality of Paiuris
Just 40 kilometers from the Kaliningrad region.
The marine option of casting is also being considered.

Squad of combat swimmers of the Special Operations Forces of the Lithuanian Armed Forces
Trainings are also held on the territory of the former tank training ground of the Baltic military district of the USSR

Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Land Forces of the National Armed Forces of Latvia
It is obvious that NATO will pump up Ukraine with new types of weapons to the last, prepare new soldiers of the Armed Forces for slaughter.

Meanwhile, the provision of territories for the training of members of a sabotage and reconnaissance group in Lithuania and Estonia may cause real military contradictions with Russia.
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