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+ 11.IX.1973 Salvador Allende - Cześć Jego Pamięci

11.09.09, 11:44
Allende, Salvador (1908-73)

Doctor; founder of the left-wing Chilean Socialist Party; Deputy 1937-45,
briefly Minister of Health in Popular Front government 1938; Senator 1945-70.
In September, 1970, Allende was elected President of the nation. Facing a
hostile legislature, Allende proposed nationalisation of Chile’s vital copper
mines, whose interests were sunk deep in the legislature. Opposition,
including a strike by National Confederation of Lorry Owners, forced him to
pull back. Allende then invited the Army into Cabinet and disarmed the
militant copper miners. On 11 September 1973, three years after his election,
Allende was overthrown in a CIA-organised coup led by Gen. Pinochet. He died,
gun in hand, defending the Presidential Palace.
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