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Would some one help me. We are going to Sanok

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Hi Guys,

Google showed me this forum, I hope that you can help me. I'm German from
Frankfurt am Main. This year we've decided together with some friends to visit
Poland. We do not usually visit big cities and try always to find something
different. Since there is not too much in English or German about such a
places in POland on Internet I'd like to ask you to write or even send a link
to undiscovered web sites where we can prepare us better for this visit.

One of great-grandfathers from my colleague came from SANOK city, therefore we
want to look closer at Karpaten and near by area.

What would you advise us to visit, see and read in advance.

Please advise
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    • Gość: niemamweny Re: Would some one help me. We are going to Sanok IP: * 06.07.07, 20:07
      A bit chaotic- I have no time at the moment.
      Oh man- -you picked a very interesting topic (mind you that many Poles are not
      aware that this is one of the most interesting part of Poland- but it's
      becoming more and more commercialized (unfortunately).Very briefly (if you want
      more details- just write here again).
      Not much left from old multicultural Poland with Jewish, Ukrainian, Gypsy as a
      major minorities in modern South-east Poland due to history, but still you can
      find something. Sanok is a pretty charming city with a big open air museum, a
      castle and some nice streets including fromer pleasure houses for soldiers(but
      nothing remained from brothels- nowadays there (;- hahaha) described by famous
      Czech- Jaroslaw Hasek in 'Soldier Svejk' novel .Beskid Niski (niski means low)-
      south from Sanok is one of the less populated teritory in Poland (as
      Ukrainians -Lemko were forced to leave this teritory by comunist in
      1947).Beskid Niski atracts hikers,bikers and history and culture lovers
      (Austrian Empire WWI cementeries- some have very interesting architecture) and
      east greek-catholic or ortodox churches.There are some tourist border cross
      points in the mountain to Slovakia in Beskid Niski. There are also many
      interesting places in Slovakian Beskid Niski (wodden churches,Bardejov, Svidnik
      open air museum .There are also some Gypsy setelmentts in North Slovakia as
      well. You can also reach Ukraine from Sanok (or Ustrzyki Dolne) by very slow
      train (to Chyrow and later Sambor (Sambir), Drochobycz and other places. The
      border crossing is a bit exotic (and may be exhausting- due to time of journey-
      once me and my wife did it in one day).Experience eastern beaurocracy one way
      and on return way to Poland (up to you how many days in Ukraine)is due to
      strict Polish custom control against cigaretes and vodka smugling to EU by both
      nation citizens (but in a kind of picnic atmosphere- like a cat and mice
      games).But it takes time-believe me. There is a lot to see in Poland on your
      way to Sanok- from former Germany (a very interesting area but Poland only from
      60 years- so this is not much in history in my opinion) - Wroclaw (Breslau)-
      through Slask and Sudety Mts. to Karpaty Mts. (it's possible to write a lot
      about mountains) Krakow, Bochnia,Wisnicz Debno, Tarnow, Lipnica, Nowy Sacz,
      Stary Sacz,Ciezkowice, Biecz, Lancut, Dukla, Lesko ect.
      I found some links in English:
      About Krakow region:
      Magurski national Park:
      South East Poland:
      Bardejov, Svidnik

      Eine gute reisen und vielen spass! -if it's right in German
      • Gość: Paweł Z. Re: Would some one help me. We are going to Sanok IP: * 06.07.07, 22:49
        When we are talking about travelling to Ukraine, it is really nice experience
        to take a local bus that runs for example from Przemysl to Lvov. Lvov is a
        really charming city and it is definitely a good idea to go there. It is a pity
        that you are travellimg during the summer season as it means that there are no
        performance in the great opera house (the interior of it is very impresive).
        However, the city is nice and there are plenty of places of great interest in
        it. For many Poles, it is a very sentimental travel as once it was one of the
        biggest Polish cities and in Lvov you can find tombs of many Polish writers,
        poets and patriots.
        When you are going back to Poland in the local bus, it is a really fancy
        spectacle to see old Ukrainian women putting the plastic bags containing vodka
        into their pants and cigarettes in every hole of the vehicle.
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