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Canadians like to talk about weather... :)

27.01.13, 00:13
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Definition of TRUISM
: an undoubted or self-evident truth; especially : one too obvious for mention
It is a truism that many Canadians enjoy a good rant about the weather but the reasons behind our predilection for such exchanges often go unstated.

Dyc prawda smile
Ja zawsze gdy pisze do PL to pytam sie jaka u nich pogoda, i zdaje relacje z naszej lololol

A BBC article, for example, notes that the British are also fond of talking about the elements. It points to the 18th century writer Samuel Johnson who said: "When two Englishmen meet, their first talk is of the weather."

Dyc tyz prawda - czyz nie nasi pobratymcy z UK zapytuja tu o pogode ? wink

Canadians alternatively glorify winter in stories and songs, while also complaining about its impact, from the lack of sunshine to the frigid temperatures that make vehicles so difficult to start.

cough cough - jest tu Zamorzem, moze???
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