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Until the policy was changed in October, cafeterias in the 18 schools of the
North Penn School District (northwest of Philadelphia) had been supplying as
eating utensils only plastic cutlery that was washed after each meal and
reused, even though students had long expressed disgust at spoons and knives
riddled with bite marks and had, defensively, taken to eating foods like
yogurt and applesauce with their hands. (The district admitted that this
recycling saved only $15,000 a year.) [The Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.),
# In Fargo, N.D., in September, Justin W. Fraase enthusiastically called the
police to tell them that he had a videotape that would prove that the woman
who had a judicial stay-away order against him actually wanted him back. The
tape was of the two having sex, and when authorities viewed it, they realized
that, for one thing, the sex itself violated the judicial order and, second,
the woman appeared not to be enjoying herself at all. (Indeed, she later said
that Fraase had coerced her, and he was charged with three felony counts
relating to the assault and the violation of the stay-away order.) [The Forum
(Fargo), 9-16-05]
In October, a 33-year-old pastor at the University Baptist Church in Waco,
Texas, standing in a baptismal pool preparing to immerse a parishioner in
front of hundreds of congregants, mishandled a microphone and was
electrocuted. On the same day in Johannesburg, South Africa, a pastor at the
Jerusalem Apostolic Church drowned during a river baptism ceremony when he and
the parishioner (who also drowned) lost their footing on rocks in the river
bed. [CNN-AP, 10-31-05] [The Star (Johannesburg), 10-31-05]
# Chicago lawyer Stephen Diamond has filed about 100 lawsuits since 2002
against companies for failing to charge him sales tax on items he bought,
earning himself about $500,000 in settlements and judgments, according to an
October Wall Street Journal report. Diamond has exploited a law in Illinois
that allows citizens to receive part of the proceeds from certain law
violations, including from companies that might be authorized to collect sales
tax on Internet purchases but have chosen not to because the law is not
completely settled. (Tennessee and Virginia, which have similar laws, have
amended them to prevent lawsuits like Diamond's.) [Wall Street Journal, 10-14-05]
# In August, U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan placed ads in Colombian
newspapers and magazines "ordering" certain leaders of the revolutionary group
FARC to come to America and appear in his courtroom in Washington, D.C., to
answer charges of kidnapping U.S. citizens. Hogan's assistant said the law
requires notification and that no one seems to have the secretive FARC's
address. [The Ledger (Lakeland, Fla.)-AP, 8-22-05]
The state of California agreed in August to pay $10 million to the family of
Marisol Morales, who accidentally drove her truck off of guardrail-less
Highway 138, through a fence, and into the California Aqueduct near Los
Angeles in 2003, killing her and two of her children. A surviving child will
need $7.5 million for medical care, but $2.5 million will go to husband Raul
Morales, an unlicensed driver who had originated the fatal trip by dispatching
his wife, also unlicensed and just learning to drive, on an errand. [Antelope
Valley Press (Palmdale, Calif.), 8-26-05]
In tests of busy hospitals in each state (reported in a July issue of the New
England Journal of Medicine), it was discovered that at least 12,000
heart-attack patients in a six-month period were apparently not given the most
basic, life-saving, follow-up instructions (such as prescribing aspirin in the
first 24 hours after an attack, which increases survival rate by 30 percent).
"(T)hings will fall through the cracks," said an author of the study. And a
RAND Corp. survey released in August revealed that, of 19 public health
clinics tested with telephone messages describing symptoms of facial pustules
or other well-known indicators of small pox, not one of them told the caller
to isolate the patient. [New York Times, 8-21-05] [Arizona Daily Star-AP, 8-30-05]
Clumsiest Surviving Artist-Bombmaker: Chris Hackett, 33, built a small
functional bomb that he was set to exhibit in the Lower Manhattan Cultural
Council in New York City around the time of the Sept. 11 remembrances, but
tried to assure worried exhibitors that it was only an art project and would
not explode. Hackett is the artist who in January 2004 blew up part of his
face when a propane tank exploded as he was hooking it up to fire a confetti
cannon. [New York Observer, 8-22-05]
Judge Jeffrey K. Sprecher of Berks County, Pa., dismissed charges against a
man in August for buying beer for his underage neighbor, ruling that the
prosecutor hadn't proved all of the elements of the crime. Specifically, said
Sprecher, there was no evidence offered that Miller Genuine Draft is "beer."
(Prosecutors usually submit a government-created listing of beers as proof but
failed to do that.)
"Sex Offenders": Charbel Hamaty, of Lebanese descent, spent six months in
jail in Raleigh, N.C., after being arrested last year for "molesting" his
infant son, with the evidence consisting of family snapshots of Hamaty
playfully kissing the nude tot's belly button. Only after a protest campaign
did a judge finally dismiss the charge, according to a July report by WRAL-TV.
Not so lucky was Fitzroy Barnaby of Evanston, Ill., who angrily grabbed the
arm of a 14-year-old girl whom he almost ran into as she was playing
dangerously in traffic. He was convicted under the state's "restraining a
minor" statute, which requires that its violators be listed as sex offenders
(even though the trial judge and, in June, the state Appellate Court, both
discounted any sexual motive). [WRAL-TV (Raleigh, N.C.), 7-26-05] [Chicago
Sun-Times, 7-1-05]
On July 3 in San Marcos, Texas, Dave Newman, 48, rescued a swimmer caught in
the currents of the San Marcos River, pulling the man underneath a waterfall
and to shore. However, when Newman tried to climb out of the water, a police
officer offered his hand but only to arrest Newman for interfering with
"official" rescuers (who, of course, failed to get to the man before Newman did).
Jeremy Suggs, 21, was arrested in Las Vegas in August and charged with robbing
a Wells Fargo bank, done in by the familiar lapse of having accidentally left
behind his wallet and a name-imprinted deposit slip. Also, according to
police, he had fired two shots in the bank out of frustration at noncompliance
with his demands, with one narrowly missing his own head,
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