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dieta vege- zapobiega chorobom- kolejne badania

02.05.04, 20:01
kolejne badani potwierdzaja znany powszechnie od co najmniej 50 lat fakt ,że
dieta wegetariańska zapewnia niski poziom cholesterolu
badacze kanadzyjscy zastosowali specyficzna dietę w której jest sporo warzyw
w tym brokułów i czerwonej papryki(antyutleniacze)]
produktów sojowych: mleka kiełbasek itd - żródło dobrego białka, bez
produktów zbozowych(weglowodanów złożonych) płatki owsiane , chleb.
> Poddana próbie grupa 13 osób po 1 miesiacu miała poziom cholesterolu
średnio o 29%.
Badania wskazuja ,że pacjenci z podwyższonym poziomem cholesterolu mogą
taki sam lub lepszy efekt - stosując odpwiednią dietę - zamiast medykamentów.

Eating more vegetables and soya-based products may be as effective at
cholesterol as medication.
Researchers in Canada have developed a vegetarian combination diet which they
say cuts cholesterol by almost a third in just one month.
The diet includes vegetables, such as broccoli and red peppers; soy milk and
soy sausages; oat bran cereal and bread; and fruit and nuts
The researchers believe the food programme could be a possible drug-free
alternative to cutting cholesterol and protecting people from heart disease.
Coronary heart disease kills more than 110,000 people a year in England. A
major cause is cholesterol circulating in the bloodstream.
Combination diet
It has been known for many years that individually soy protein, nuts and
like oats and barley can cut cholesterol by up to 7%.
Professor David Jenkins and colleagues at the University of Toronto decided
test whether the impact was stronger if these foods were combined.
They drew up a seven-day food plan using foods that are commonly available in
supermarkets and health stores.
A typical day on the diet included:
· A breakfast of soy milk, oat bran cereal with chopped fruit and almonds,
oatmeal bread, vegetable-based margarine and jam;
· a lunch of soy cold cuts, oat bran bread, bean soup and fruit; and
· A stir-fry dinner with vegetables, tofu, fruit and almonds.
The researchers put 13 people on the combination diet for a month. They found
that their cholesterol levels had dropped by 29% by the end of the period.
The researchers said the findings suggested the combination diet may be as
effective as statins.
These drugs have been used extensively for 15 years to treat patients with
levels of cholesterol.
Professor Jenkins said further and larger studies are needed before the diet
could be recommended to patients.
He said: "The take home message right now is that there is hope for a drug-
treatment for some people with high cholesterol.
"For us, the main feature now is to move this forward into longer-term
But he added: "This opens up the possibility that diet can be used much more
widely to lower blood cholesterol and possibly spare some individuals from
having to take drugs
The study is published in the journal Metabolism

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    • brumbak Re: dieta vege- zapobiega próchnicy 02.05.04, 20:02
      dieta vege a zdrowie naszych ząbków
      > Wspólna fińsko-angielska ( żebyście nie pisali że podaje tylko badania
      podaje iz dieta vege jest korzystniejsza dla naszych zabków
      Human dentition is better suited for vegetarian diet. Broad surface molars
      are specially suited to chew coarse fibrous food.
      Most vegetarian foods have a cleansing action. A few gargles after a meal may
      be enough to clean the mouth. However, if some fibrous particle remains in
      between the teeth (inter dental space) unlike meat fibres, they do not
      ferment or traumatise the tissue. Thus brushing morning and night may be
      enough to prevent dental problems.
      Vegetables and fruits are a very healthy source of natural vitamins like
      vitamin C and other minerals.
      Salivary pH does not change fast and therefore vegetarian food does not
      decompose. Salivary pH has an important role to play in oral health. Most
      dairy products like milk, butter, and vegetable oil keep saliva almost
      neutral. Most vegetables, dry fruits, apples, grapes and bananas may keep
      saliva slightly alkaline. Meat, sea food and chicken are acid forming foods.
      Acidic saliva normally helps causing dental decay.
      Hence, it appears that evidence is strongly in favour of a vegetarian diet.
      There seems to be no doubt that the incidence of dental problems is less in a
      vegetarian population.
      1. Thomson M.E., et al. Influence of nutritional factore, in periodontal
      diseases, J. NZ Soc.Periodontal diseases 1981, 51, 15-9.
      2. Eeva Lukosalo et al. Caries, periodontal status and some salivary
      factore, in Lacto vegetarians Dept. of Community Health, University of Kupio,
      Geddes D.A. et al. Apples, salted peanuts and plaque. PH British Dent J.
      1977: 142,
      - jest to w pewnym stopniu oczywiste--
      - jeżeli je się duzo miesa to pH w ustach spada i odczyn staje sie kwąsny- co
      kwasowe to nadżera wapienna powierzchnię zebów
      - jak pisze autor:
      Most vegetarian foods have a cleansing action.
      Wiekszośc posiłkow vege ma efekt czyszczacy. A few gargles after a meal may
      be enough to clean the mouth. Przepłukanie ust po posiłku może byc
      wystarczjące dla oczyszcenia jamy ustnej.However, if some fibrous particle
      remains in between the teeth (inter dental space) unlike meat fibres, they do
      not ferment or traumatise the tissue. Jednakże, jesli cząstki błonnika
      pozostają meizy zebami -w przeciwieństwie do włokiem z miesa - nie
      fermentuja i nie podrażniaja tkanki .
      Thus brushing morning and night may be enough to prevent dental problems.
      Umycie zebów rano i wieczorem może byc wystarczjace dla zapobiegania
      problemów z zębami.

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