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Dr. QingCai Zhang - zioła

04.06.08, 00:44
Wklejam - może się przyda tym co się leczą ziołami.

Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine
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    • tosho Re: Dr. QingCai Zhang - zioła 04.06.08, 00:47
      Opis uzywanych ziół wg Zhang'a.
      Z tego co tam jest napisane, to lekarz ten w swojej praktyce stosuje abx
      równolegle z ziołami.

      Zhang protocol treatments:

      Please see the flow chart after this section to understand and evaluate your
      treatment needs.

      Treatment essentials for the infections:

      Allicin: Allicin and HH are used together as a first line of treatment. Allicin
      is a specific extract of garlic which has high antimicrobial properties and can
      cross the Blood Brain Barrier. The capsules contain Allitridi, which is
      metabolized to Allicin which is chemically stable and won’t last in capsule
      form. If you have a sensitivity to garlic, do not use Allicin, instead use
      R-5081, Coptis and HH. Allicin does make you smell exquisitely like garlic. You
      can try a chlorophyll supplement to reduce this effect. If the odor is
      disruptive to your life, then you should also use R-5081, HH and Coptis (i.e. in
      place of Allicin).

      HH Capsule: Used in combination with the Allicin capsule. This capsule has wide
      spectrum antimicrobial effects and can be used safely for long term treatments.
      HH is also anti-fungal and can reduce the risk of Candida infection from long
      term anti-microbial use.

      Coptis: Used in combination with Allicin, HH, and R-5081, depending on your
      protocol. Also a broad spectrum antimicrobial. Same description as HH.

      R-5081: This is a traditional Chinese medicine formula that has been used to
      treat syphilis for hundreds of years. Since syphilis and Borrelia are both
      spirochetes, the same treatment is employed. R-5081 can be up to 50% effective
      in syphilis even in chronic cases. R-5081 is also a broad spectrum
      antimicrobial, including antifungal. If you can’t use garlic (Allicin) replace
      those caps with R-5081 and Coptis.

      Circulation P: This is a must for all Lyme treatments because it increases blood
      flow to cells, and helps to repair inflammation-damaged tissues. It also helps
      your immune cells clean up the inflammatory proteins that settle and cause more

      Arteminisin: Artemisia is an anti-malarial herbal treatment that has efficacy
      toward Babesiosis (one of the common co-infections). You should treat Babesiosis
      for at least 2-3 months with Arteminisin. The antibiotic treatment for
      Babesiosis should be atovaquone and azithromycin or clindamycin and oral
      quinine. If present, Babesiosis must be treated or the Lyme treatment will not
      be effective. The most common symptom of babesiosis is night sweats, sweats in
      general, fever, chills, fatigue, headaches, muscle pain and anemia. Keep in mind
      that you must be diagnosed correctly, since cancer can also cause night sweats.
      You should always be working with a Lyme literate practitioner.

      Supplemental treatments to help with symptoms:

      AI #3: An immune suppressive treatment that reduces the symptoms of muscle
      aches, joint pain, fibromyalgia, skin rashes, allergies, vasculitis, severe
      Herxheimer reactions, Raynaud’s, Sjrogren’s and autoimmune antibody production.
      The max dose is 5 caps/day. Once the symptoms subside the dose is reduced to 1
      cap 3X/day. When symptoms are relieved, then AI#3 should be discontinued. AI#3
      should not be used for more than 3 months.

      Cordyceps: Fatigue is a chronic problem in people with Lyme. Cordyceps mushroom
      helps improve energy level, increases circulation and enhances immunity.
      Cordyceps has an interesting history. Previously it was only found above 10,000
      feet, in the snow, on the back of a caterpillar. This made Cordyceps the
      treatment of kings, due to its rarity and cost. Now Cordyceps is grown in
      culture and can bring wonderful healing to us peasants!

      Puerarin: Increases brain function and helps with the brain fog some patients

      HerbSom: A natural, gentle, effective and non-addictive sleep aid which doesn’t
      cause drowsiness in the morning.

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