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      Polska Zbrojna-Dyskusja

      Temat: Co polski zolnierz powinien wiedziec, bedac w Irak
      Autor: Elzbieta Gawlas (
      Data: 13.05.03 20:01

      Moze sie Wam podobac lub nie, ale prawde jadac do kraju okupowanego trzeba
      znac. Od 6 lat jestem aktywistka na rzecz Asyrii i Asyryjczykow. Pisze rowniez
      dla nich wiersze, ktore sa drukowane w " Assyrian Star".

      Jezus powiedzial, ze w dniach ostatecznych Asyria powstanie i bedza sadzic
      spadkobiercy Niniwy !

      Ponizszy artykul napisal mlody 40-letni Asyryjczyk, Ashor Gewargis, inzynier z
      Bejrutu. Jest wielkim patriota i dlatego tak bardzo jest mi bliski sercu.

      Assyrian Forum


      Posted By: Ashor Giwargis (
      Date: Tuesday, 13 May 2003, at 11:38 a.m.

      In Response To: Assyrian Message to the Arab Media (Ashor Giwargis)

      With th due thanks to Mary.C

      An Assyrian Message
      To the Arab Media

      By: Ashor Giwargis- Beirut

      Translated by: Mary C.-Canada

      Of course, you, the Arab reader will be surprised if you met with an Assyrian
      who would dare to defend his/her cause in your country, but you will never be
      surprised if that Assyrian told you that he/she sits in front of the
      television set day after day watching what's going on in his/her historical
      homeland (today's Iraq), anxious to hear the word "Assyrian" from any
      correspondent of any Arabic channel, or if he/she told you that the greatest
      criminal against the Assyrian Cause today is the Arab media.

      Following the failed attempts over the centuries to obliterate the Assyrian
      ethnicity, we are faced today with a more horrible crime, which is
      the "marginalization of the Assyrian ethnicity in Arab media”. Now, in this
      age of openness and modernized media whereby some Arabic channels have turned
      into trumpets promoting separatism without paying attention to history and the
      dignity of the Assyrian people at a time when the Assyrian Nation and the
      Iraqi people in general are passing through some very difficult circumstances
      after the fall of the cringing regime.

      On one of the "Arabic" channels there was a program on April 25,2003 about the
      Kurdish case, this show had the scent of some "educated" Kurds who had
      dictated to the presenter of the show ahead of time, a lesson in the
      kurdification of the Assyrian Land, whereby the program came to contradict all
      the historical facts, when the program presenter depended on some "ghost"
      researchers who she didn't even mention their names while we now very well
      that Kurdologues such as Nikitin, Minorski, Leipzig and others, refuted the
      idea that Kurds were originally in the region, they even refuted the idea of a
      Kurdish "ethnicity" especially that these researchers didn't find any common
      denomination whether racially, ethnically, physiologically, or even
      linguistically between these tribes...Even Kurdish historians such as Prince
      Sharaf Khan Al-Badlisi, the first to write the Kurdish history in his
      book "Sharaf Nameh" in the 16th century A.D., asserts that the Kurds came to
      the region with the Mongols' invasion that is some seven centuries ago, and
      that the inhabitants there were called “Asori”. As to the Assyriologist Austin
      Henry Layard (Known as the Father of Assyriology), confirms that
      the "Nestorian" (Christians in Assyria’s mountains - Assyrian Church of The
      East) and those who follow the Chaldean Church (Christians in Assyria’s
      plains - that is the Uniat part of the Church of The East) are the indigenous
      people of the region as to the rest they are all foreigners.

      As to the so-called "Kurdistan's" geography we would like to explain in the
      beginning that the first person to utter the word "Kurdistan" was Hamadullah
      ibn Al-Mustawfi Al-Qazweeni in his book "Nuzhat Al Qouloub"(A Journey of
      Hearts) written in the 14th century A.D., then this word became familiar as
      the wandering tribes came to the region from Iranian Azerbaijan and settled in
      the Assyrian Mountains. While we see the presenter of the program donating all
      Assyria (today's North of Iraq) to the Kurdish tribes and she defended that;
      even though from Iraq's North to its South is built upon the remnants of
      Assyrian monuments, the same monuments which were pillaged recently in Mosul
      and Baghdad at the hands of the "de facto powers" who are "cohabiting" with
      the Assyrians on the Assyrian Land, when the Assyrians who are the owners of
      these monuments are well and living but marginalized in the Arab media(what a

      With all this we can't ignore the suffering of the Kurdish tribes, even though
      they were imposed over Assyria ,by Timerlane since few centuries and later on
      by the Ottoman Sultans, but because the Kurdish Case is going to be solved at
      the expense of the destiny of an indigenous ethnicity in Iraq, therefore, we
      must re-consider the Kurdish politics because the so-called "Iraqi Kurdistan"
      is including the Assyrian National Homeland, and if the Kurds are demanding
      what they claim to be their right, then they should also take into
      consideration the rights of others, especially the owners of the land.

      I'm not going into a historical research about the people who inhabited Iraq
      at a later date, also I'm not going to anticipate matters that are happening
      on the Iraqi arena where ethnicities should share a common denominator which
      is their "national" belonging so it's every one's duty to live within that in
      an atmosphere of freedom and equality within any formula. Thus if the formula
      of federalism is imposed (God Forbid) then it will be within the rights of
      both the Assyrian and Turkoman people to have their own federal entity similar
      to the Kurds and Arabs, for as the Kurdish people want to preserve their
      particularities, other ethnicities have the same rights in Iraq with the
      acknowledgement that the Assyrians are qualified culturally, politically, and
      morally to skillfully run their own affairs, and the whole Iraqi people are
      well aware of this.

      Returning to the Arab media, the story of the Assyrian Cause in this domain is
      complicated, because the Arab thinking both politically and media wise in
      general is suffering from illnesses which caused the Arab thinking to retreat
      into a shell both in regards to individuals and society in general, through a
      traditional pattern imposed and characterized by dogmas which don't keep pace
      with the era something which resulted in a geo-political enclosure to the
      outside world, and a rejection of the other may be because of controlled media
      by some regimes whether they are Arabized or Islamized. In turn the non-Arab
      individual and especially the Assyrian stands perplexed waiting to hear
      something about his/her own people in Iraq but to no avail. Just a simple
      example, when tens of Assyrian villages in Assyria (today's North of Iraq)
      raised the Assyrian flag after the fall of the cringing regime, regrettably we
      didn't see that except in the Assyrian and foreign media, whereby the Arab
      media spoke of rising the Kurdish flag in some kurdified Assyrian areas and
      called them "Kurdish areas".

      More over when the different groups of the Iraqi people are mentioned within
      the national context in news or news analysis, the Assyrian ethnicity is
      mentioned under the phrase "other minorities" or "some minorities"...but when
      it's time to mention an event we notice the mentioning of Arabs, Kurds and the
      so-called "Kurdistan", when the correspondent is standing and with all
      rudeness in a genuine Assyrian town, taking photos of its districts and its
      Assyrian people (may be to give a good impression about the areas which he's
      claiming to be "Kurdish"). And In the event of an accident to an Arab citizen
      he/she is mentioned as "Iraqi" and if Kurdish is called “Kurdish”, but if that

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