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"FT" o Pakiecie Kluski: PiS wreszcie zmieni front?

20.03.07, 13:11

nie daj Boże! Dooki swych brudnych paluchów nie wykorzystują
do majstrownia przy precyzyjnych mechanizmach gospodarki,
możemy spać spkojnie.
Mechanizmy są ustawione po zegarmistrzowsku i działają
więc módlmy się, żeby ich nie sprdolili jak swych sztandarowych ustaw
bo wtedy zaczną kończyć dzieło rozpieprzania systemu prawnego

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    • Gość: Alex Pelny tekst artykulu IP: * 20.03.07, 14:42
      Poland vows to cut red tape for business
      By Jan Cienski in Warsaw

      Published: March 20 2007 02:00 | Last updated: March 20 2007 02:00

      Poland's conservative government yesterday promised to cut bureaucracy for -
      private businesses.

      Jaroslaw Kaczynski, prime minister, said the government would cut from 31 days
      to three days the amount of time it takes to open a business and make it more
      difficult for government agents to undertake long and vaguely formulated
      inspections of private companies.

      "We are going to move in the direction of greater -economic freedom," Mr
      Kaczynski said.

      Business lobbies were guardedly enthusiastic about the initiative, which marks
      a change in tone for a ruling party better known for calling
      businesspeople "lumpen liberals", making stirring pronouncements about workers'
      rights and an obsession with hunting down former communists.

      However, they pointed out that many of the ideas had been around for several
      years and governments had done little to enact them.

      The initiative is named after Roman Kluska, a former computer company owner who
      was made bankrupt by a tax investigation that courts later found to be improper.

      It comes as polls show the government's popularity falling and the opposition
      Civic Platform party moving ahead of Law and Justice. A new poll found that 77
      per cent of Poles surveyed were critical of the government while 68 per cent
      were negative about Mr Kaczynski.

      The ruling Law and Justice party's change in approach was evident during a
      weekend rally at which Mr Kaczynski and other party leaders spent little time
      on lustration, the controversial process of vetting people for their actions
      under the former Communist regimes. Instead, the talk was of modernisation,
      deregulation and taking advantage of European funds.

      Until now, the government has been almost exclusively focused on Communist-era
      conspiracies that it blamed for the country's problems. Almost no economic
      reforms have been undertaken since Law and Justice came to power in November

      Although Poland's economy grew by 5.8 per cent last year and the finance
      ministry expects growth of more than 6 per cent this year, many economists say
      Poland's non-inflationary growth rate is closer to about 4.5 per cent.

      One of the leading constraints on the economy is an overgrown bureaucracy.
      According to the World Bank's Doing Business report, Poland was ranked 114th
      out of 175 economies for ease of opening a business. Its overall ranking was
      75th, one of the lowest in the European Union.

      "We do see the problem and we want to be in the lead of the list, not bringing
      up the tail," said Michal Krupinski, deputy Treasury minister.

      When Poland shook off communism in 1989, a new business law put few barriers in
      the way of the fast-growing entrepreneurial class. But by the mid-1990s,
      subsequent governments began to add more and more restrictions.
    • Gość: nick Przecież te zmiany uchwailł już poprzedni IP: * 20.03.07, 14:57
      parlament... Niemal identyczne. Nie zostały jednak do dziś wprowadzone, no bo
      rząd PiS nie będzie przecież realizował postanowień komuchów i ubeków. Tylko
      mało kto o tym pamięta, bo SLDowcy, mimo że postkomuniści, nie mieli zwyczaju
      przy każdej takiej okazji urządzać dożynek w stylu wczesnego Gierka z
      łowiczanką, chlebem i solą, występami artystycznymi itp.

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