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How to trade crypto

02.07.21, 14:53
In the last couple of years, we've seen financial markets go through a major change. The switch from hard assets like gold and silver to electronic assets such as Bitcoin has made it easier than ever for people to start trading cryto currencies.
Most people are still trading cryto currencies using the classic old fashioned way. From their living room, on a beautiful piece of wood (a.k.a. desktop computer) they are using Trading View and other charting tools to see what the market is doing, they are using common sense, experience and basic technical analysis to decide when to place a buy or sell order.
Trading cryto currencies is an art, you have to develop your own method for trading in order to be succesful at it. I've been trading cryto currencies for a couple of years and these are the methods that I've developed.
1) Fundamental Analysis (FA)
2) Technical Analysis (TA)
1) Fundamental Analysis (FA)

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    • hugertown Re: How to trade crypto 30.07.21, 01:47
      I had previously prioritized efficient bitcoin and mining methods. Consider how you can improve your trading results. I'm overjoyed that I was successful. As a result, I recommend that you study crypto signals that include free TV and cryptographs. So, if you're a trader like me, I think you'll find it useful. I recommend it for a cause today; it's a popular path.
    • jamesw Re: How to trade crypto 08.09.21, 15:00
      I often hear Kraken vs Coinbase disputes on the Internet. Now the question is most relevant against the background of the great popularity of the cryptocurrency recently. Both trading platforms are among the leaders in the market. I think if you are a beginner, then you should not think about it, since there will be no noticeable difference for you . But personally, I will make a choice in favor of coinbase.

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