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29.04.20, 20:41
Dla zacofańców kwestionujących Gender Studies jako naukę: genderolodzy/genderolożki dokonali przełomowego odkrycia!

Childhood Gender Nonconformity and Children’s Past-Life Memories
International Journal of Sexual Health
Volume 30, 2018 - Issue 4

Objectives: This study examines childhood gender nonconformity (GNC) in conjunction with the phenomenon in which young children describe memories of a purported previous life. Methods: In a case-control study of 469 children reporting past-life memories, we used logistic regression to examine predictors of GNC, measured by documented gender nonconforming behaviors. Results: Children who remembered a life involving a different natal sex were much more likely to exhibit GNC than children who remembered a same-sex life. Conclusions: After exploring potential explanations, we conclude that past-life memories represent a novel factor that may be associated with the development of GNC.
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