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Dlaczego erupcja wulkanu Cumbre Vieja budzi troskę

04.10.21, 09:41
To opracowanie sprzed dwudziestu lat, może scenariusz wyrażony w nim realizuje się na naszych oczach, albo mi się tak tylko wydaje..
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    • kornel-1 Re: Dlaczego erupcja wulkanu Cumbre Vieja budzi t 04.10.21, 15:43
      qwardian napisał:

      >, albo mi się tak tylko wydaje..

      Za Wiki:
      "The coverage of the risk of a collapse gained criticism for exaggeration,[105] in particular the coverage in North American and English media.[106] They have triggered debate about their validity and the landslide and wave scenarios employed. [...] Later estimates have questioned the assumptions made by Ward and Day 2001, mainly with regards to the following:[...]"

      A dalej:
      "Humanity has never witnessed enormous collapses on La Palma[56] and there is evidence that the western flank of La Palma is currently stable[62] and a collapse in the near future unlikely.[121] A worst-case scenario giant landslide like the one modelled by Ward and Day 2001 is a very low probability event, probably much less common than once per 100,000 years"

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