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Ipod - dlaczego tak szybko sie rozładowuje?:(

IP: * 01.09.05, 23:49
Dwa miesiące temu kupiłam w Anglii ipoda. Producent gwarantuje 12 godzin
słuchania muzyki a mój ipod rozładowuje się po 6 godzinach! Może zle go
wyłączam? Sama już nie wiem. Przycisk play/ stop służy do wyłączania? Głupie
pytanie ale wydaje mi się za każdym razem że on jest tylko wygaszony gdyż po
lekkim naciśnięciu szybko sie włącza. Proszę o odpowiedz użytkowników:(
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    • Gość: mandaryna iPod baterry settlement IP: * 02.09.05, 04:49
      Highest capacity batteries on the market for the iPod - new 2000mAh.

      Judge OKs settlement in iPod battery suit
      Buyers of players with faulty batteries will be eligible for checks or credit
      from an Apple store.

      A Superior Court judge in San Mateo County, Calif., has given final approval to
      a settlement that will compensate iPod owners whose music players' batteries
      failed to hold a charge.
      Apple should have made customers aware of battery limitations on first three
      iPod models, a San Mateo County judge ruled Thursday.

      Because the company failed to do so, it must replace as many as 1.3 million
      iPod batteries belonging to owners of first, second, and third generation
      iPods. Under the settlement, which has now received final approval, those users
      who already paid Apple to replace their iPod's failing battery are entitled to
      up to half of that cost back.

      Steve Williams, lead counsel for the suit that people who bought iPod's first
      two models are entitled to either $25 cash or a $50 credit at the Apple Store.
      Owner of iPod's third model are entitled to free replacement battery if the
      battery fails.

      Consumers have up to May 2006 to file a claim to be entitled to the settlement.
      Based on the number of people continuing to make claims, the settlement has a
      minimum value of approximately $15 million.

      Settlement gives iPod users free replacement batteries!

      People wishing to file a claim must have their paperwork postmarked by Sept.
      30. For extended warranty service on third-generation iPods, buyers have until
      Sept. 30 or two years from the date they bought the iPod, whichever is later.

      Apple Agrees to iPod battery settlement

      Apple Computer Inc. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit by replacing
      batteries for iPod users whose batteries have stopped working. The suit was
      filed in December 2003 by Cotchett, Pitre, Simon & McCarthy in San Mateo County
      Superior Court in San Mateo, California, accusing Apple of falsely advertising
      that the rechargeable but nonreplaceable batteries in many early iPod models
      had up to 10 to 12 hours of battery life, when in fact they would run out of
      power in about half that time. Details of the settlement, which Superior Court
      Judge Beth Labson Freeman is set to give final approval to on August 25, and
      claim forms are available at .

      Steven N. Williams and Elizabeth C. Pritzker of Cotchett, Pitre, Simon &
      McCarthy estimated that the settlement could apply to as many as two million
      iPods sold before May 31, 2004. "This is a very good settlement in that it
      gives consumers with defective batteries what they need – to have the battery
      of their iPods replaced, and in some cases the whole player," Williams said.
      Under the settlement, iPod owners of the so-called third-generation iPods
      (available in 2003 and 2004) will receive a one-year extension of their
      warranty to guard against battery failure. If the owner's battery does not hold
      a charge for four or more hours, the consumer is eligible to receive a
      replacement battery or replacement iPod during the extended warranty period.
      Alternatively, the consumer may request a $50 credit. Those with older models
      are eligible to receive either a $50 credit on Apple products, excluding iTunes
      Music Store, or $25 in cash. Consumers who already paid $99 for a new battery
      can apply for a $49.50 cash refund.

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