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Vacancy for a postdoctoral researcher, Erasmus Uni

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Vacancy (3yr) for postdoctoral researcher - Improving Web Survey

Erasmus Virtual Knowledge Studio (

The Erasmus University aims to promote e-research as well as to
carry out research projects into new scholarly and scientific
practices and novel sorts of knowledge acquisition and encoding. The
EUR and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)
have funded a joint institute research institute in this domain:
Erasmus Virtual Knowledge Studio, or in short: the Erasmus Studio.

The Faculty of Social Sciences (

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the Erasmus University (FSW) hosts
four departments: Public Administration, Sociology, Psychology and
Environmental Sciences. Two research institutes are located here as
well: the Erasmus Center for Sustainable Development & Management
(ESM) and the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT). The
faculty includes currently more than 2500 students and about 300

"Improving the web survey methodology for social and cultural
research" is a three-year postdoctoral research project. It is
linked to the research programme of the Erasmus Studio, and it is to
be carried out within the Sociology department of the Faculty of
Social Science (FSW). It aims at studying methodological issues
concerning web surveys, and in particular at furthering insights
into bias in volunteer samples, the possibilities of propensity
score weighting using a reference sample and the effects of other
weighting procedures. In addition, it aims to improve insight into
drop-out, item-non-response and optimal questionnaire length, using
data of the large, continuous WageIndicator web survey on work and
wages. In 2001, this survey started in the Netherlands and it is
running in 20 countries in four continents now. For this project we
are searching for a:

POST-DOC m/v 1,0 fte

Job description

The project tasks defined are:

investigate bias in the volunteer WageIndicator web survey data by a
detailed comparison with aggregate Labour Force Survey data for the
European Union;
develop propensity score weighting for the WageIndicator data, using
a reference survey with micro data from a Netherlands dataset, a
European dataset and maybe a global dataset;
analyze completion time and estimate optimal questionnaire length;
explore the drop-out during survey completion by comparing data of
the complete and incomplete respondents;
investigate item-non response in the web survey;
log daily activities to allow VKS-researchers to analyse the
adaptation process;
organize, jointly with other institutes, an annual seminar on web
survey methodology, for disseminating activities of the project
results, and to identify the need for such seminars by focused
interviews with survey methodologists in other disciplinary fields;
be actively involved in the WageIndicator activities and network;
publish project outcomes preferably in international academic
refereed journals;

The project team will consist of the post-doc, plus Kea Tijdens,
professor in Sociology of Women and Employment and scientific
coordinator of the WageIndicator web survey, and Dick Houtman,
professor of Sociology of Culture. The project will be conducted in
the context of the research programme of the Erasmus Studio.The post-
doc is supposed to participate in events and activities organized by
the Erasmus Studio.

Starting date: 1 March 2008


We seek a researcher who received his/her PhD in social sciences
methodology or statistics (or a related area), with good
understanding of web survey methodology. A strong research record is
demanded as well as proficiency in the English language.

Our offer

The conditions of employment correspond with the collective labour
agreement for Dutch Universities (CAO NU). We offer a fulltime
contract for the duration of three years. Salary is subject to
training and experience and corresponds to a minimum of ? 2.279,-
gross per month (salaryscale 10 CAO NU) and a maximum of ? 4.190,-
gross per month (scale 11) based on a fulltime contract of 38 hours
per week. The Post-doc is located at the premises of the Woudenstein
campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Information and application

For more information on the project, see . For
more information on the web survey, see For
more information on the job, contact prof dr K.G. Tijdens, email: At the latest until 21 January 2008 your
application can be sent to Erasmus University Rotterdam, Faculty of
Social Sciences, prof.dr. K.G. Tijdens, room M6-10, Postbus 1738,
3000 DR Rotterdam, the Netherlands or you can apply through e-mail:

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam offers a professional environment in
which your growth and development are encouraged by means of an
active career and mobility policy. We further offer a flexible
pension scheme, a contribution to medical insurance and advantageous
group insurances. Employees are welcome to use our facilities, such
as the sports centre and the library.
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