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Jak Halliburton "terrorystom" reaktor sprzedawal

18.02.10, 16:36
Halliburton (remember D. Cheney), the notorious U.S. energy company,
sold key nuclear-reactor components to a private Iranian oil company
called Oriental Oil Kish as recently as 2005, using offshore
subsidiaries to circumvent U.S. sanctions.

Federal law disallows American companies from transacting business
with nations that sponsor terrorism, but foreign subsidiaries of
such companies are not banned from such transactions
. In May
2004, the U.S. Senate voted against legislation that would have
stopped companies like Halliburton from using offshore subsidiaries
to invest in Iran. The legislation was defeated in a 50-49 vote,
mostly along party lines.

As CEO of Halliburton, Mr. Cheney lobbied the Clinton administration
to ease sanctions on Libya and Iran, according to various news
reports. "I think we'd be better off if we, in fact, backed off
those sanctions [on Iran], didn't try to impose secondary boycotts
on companies .. trying to do business there," Cheney told an
Australian television interviewer in April 1998.


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