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ilu najemników free tybet kształci CIA ?

20.02.10, 00:15
ktos wie? w ramach demokracji oraz dobrosąsiedzkich stosunków.
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    • swinia_spigelmana CIA veteran reveals agency’s operations in Tibet 20.02.10, 00:37
      fajna ksiazka, jak Ludlum czy Radke Sikorski
      Tibetan monks, who are widely known for their non-violent philosophy. According
      to 85-year-old Klaus, the origins of the CIA’s covert assistance to Tibetan
      monks date back to at least 1957, when Gyalo Thondup, older brother of the 14th
      (and current) Dalai Lama, sent the CIA five Tibetan recruits, whom the Agency
      trained in paramilitary tactics on the island of Saipan, in the Northern
      Marianas. Shortly afterwards the five men were covertly returned to Tibet “to
      assess and organize the resistance”. In the process, they recruited another 300
      Tibetans who were secretly transported to Colorado and trained by Klaus and
      other US intelligence and military officers. Klaus insists that “no American
      operatives were ever dropped into Tibet”, but admits that, beginning in 1958,
      the CIA began airdropping weapons, munitions and explosives to
    • swinia_spigelmana Soros sponsoruje Dalaj Lame, bezinteresownie oczyw 20.02.10, 23:53
      haha ha
      Today, mostly through the National Endowment for Democracy and other conduits
      that are more respectable-sounding than the CIA, the US Congress continues to
      allocate an annual $2 million to Tibetans in India, with additional millions for
      "democracy activities" within the Tibetan exile community. The Dalai Lama
      also gets money from financier George Soros, who now runs the CIA-created Radio
      Free Europe/Radio Liberty and other institutes. (46)

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