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bądżmy bezstronni czyli..dla każdego coś miłego

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      Washington accused Israeli defense officials of trying to access U.S.
      technological and intelligence data classified by the U.S. as top secret
      information, Israel’s army radio reported.

      The report comes just days after the FBI raided the pro-Israel lobbying group,
      AIPAC, in the U.S. and interrogated AIPAC officials.

      The U.S. had recently accused one of the Pentagon officials of passing
      classified U.S. information on Iran to Israel.

      The radio also said that FBI officials had confirmed that Israeli officials who
      visited U.S. military sites were trying to gather confidential information on
      the U.S. technology.

      It added that FBI agents have interrogated a number of Israeli officials over
      the past few months, including IDF officers, diplomats, and military industry

      The interrogations were during and after their visits to the U.S. and mainly
      concentrated on their attempts to gather classified technical and scientific
      data on the U.S. weapons systems, the radio said.

      “Illegal subterfuge”

      A seminar was held in New York two weeks ago following the FBI investigations,
      where the Israelis were advised on guidelines and proper conduct to avoid
      raising suspicions that they were engaged in illegal subterfuge.

      Responding to the report, the Israeli Defense Ministry said that it was taking
      steps to avoid "misunderstanding that stems from different cultures and codes
      of behavior."

      It said in a statement that it had launched a comprehensive training program in
      2001 to introduce to the Israeli defense industry officials the "American way
      of thinking." It also confirmed that the seminar took place in New York two
      weeks ago.

      "Numerous briefings have taken place in the ministry, in army bases and in the
      industries in order to clarify the rules of 'do' and 'don't,'" the statement

      Senior Israeli officials also claimed that the whole problem stems from
      cultural differences, such as Israeli practices to "cut corners" or to pressure
      U.S. officials to provide information. They said that U.S. officials interpret
      these acts in a completely different way.

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