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Neocons - V kolumna w Pentagonie !!!

25.05.05, 15:07
Banda koszernych sku..eli !!! Juz mi lzej i moge zabrac sie za robote .



Rozen, a perceptive reporter who has been following this story from the
start, gives us the essential context of the Franklin affair by showing that
he was very much a part of a small, tightly-knit network inside the Pentagon
dedicated to provoking war not only with Iraq but also igniting a regional
conflict including Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and beyond. She does a very good
job, in her piece, of showing how Franklin was at the center of this group's
covert machinations: he had a penchant, as she puts it, for "showing up at
critical and murky junctures of recent history":
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    • explicit Szukanie "WMD" czyli IRAN-CONTRA II 25.05.05, 16:09
      Za plecami CIA ,... Z perspektywy czasu mozna powiedziec ,(nic nie ryzykujac)
      ze jest to jawna ZDRADA interesow USA inspirowana z Israela z korzyscia dla
      Israela . Zio-nazistowska zaraza przezarla sciany Pentagonu ,...



      The meeting was a source of concern for a series of overlapping reasons. Since
      the late 1980s Ghorbanifar has been the subject of two CIA "burn notices." The
      Agency believes Ghorbanifar is a serial "fabricator" and forbids its officers
      from having anything to do with him. Moreover, why were mid-level Pentagon
      officials organizing meetings with a foreign intelligence agency behind the
      back of the CIA

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