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10 przyczyn zeby nie zabijac Busha

30.05.05, 17:47
If the assassin were looking for a way to hurt America, blowing up the
president would be a good idea. Bush's martyrdom would put the last nail in
the coffin of the liberal agenda. So, for those Bush-haters out there, here
are 10 reasons you should stop praying for an assassinated G.W.B.:
1) Killing the president immediately generates sympathy for his cause. If the
president died tomorrow, there would be no question that all of his nominees
for the judicial branch would make it through the Senate.

2) A dead President Bush leaves a live Dick Cheney in charge. Need I say more?

3) The Pakistani political situation is drastically fragile. Should President
Bush die, Musharraf's brutal, mostly secular dictatorship probably will be
replaced by a brutal, religiously fundamental dictatorship, reducing the
United States' chances of bringing in Osama bin Laden to nil.

4) Any criticisms of the administration will be regarded as more unpatriotic
than ever. In the next election, you could expect to see Democratic primary
candidates proclaiming that their Republican counterparts aren't "fit to
follow in President Bush's footsteps."

5) Killing President Bush could spur another spate of international invasions,
with or without U.N. approval. The U.S. military cannot deal with invading
another country without further hollowing our ability to defend ourselves and
respond to threats from other countries, such as a nuclear North Korea.

6) The news cycle would be justly co-opted. With the media so focused on one
story, there wouldn't be time to examine important issues such as the
government suppression in Uzbekistan or Egyptian election tampering. In fact,
all foreign news that didn't directly affect the assassination would probably
grind to a halt.

7) President Bush's status as a martyr would leave the electorate more
polarized than ever, especially if liberals were seen as publicly irreverent
to President Bush's memory. It would be a little different if natural
selection decreed death-by-snacking, but toasting an assassin's success leaves
a decidedly bitter taste in the national mouth.

8) Jeb Bush's popularity would skyrocket. He would undoubtedly win the
Republican nomination and then the election in 2008. With the Supreme Court
full of near-zombies, I would prefer a different man to pick the people who
are going to strangle us with laws.

9) Killing George Bush won't end any of the policies people disagree with. An
assassination would merely strengthen our resolve to stay the course in Iraq,
keep troops in Saudi Arabia, support our Israeli allies, etc. Policies don't
die just because the president does.

10) Slaying President Bush is simply immoral. Anyone who advocates
purposefully killing someone defenseless (and a democratically elected leader,
no less) is clearly value-challenged. I don't understand the logical
contortions some people must go through to be anti-death penalty yet

In all seriousness, I don't hate President Bush. I dislike a lot of his
administration's choices, but I think he's a good man doing a difficult job.
As a leader, you're always going to be hated. I am too often shocked by the
vitriolic repulsion many people feel for our leader and America in general,
especially because the loathing is often poorly informed. I've met people on
this campus who see America as the worst human rights abuser in the world
(unlike the angelic paradise of Cambodia) and people who sway liberal not
because they actually know anything about issues but because it's popular.

Liberalism has to be more than a college fad or a collection of loudmouths
whose idiotic comments stir headlines. The rabid dislike some people feel for
a man they've never even met makes me ashamed to be a Democrat.
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