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Niedoceniani w zion "historii" polscy Zydzi ,...

03.06.05, 21:10
Dekorowanie historii ??? Rypali was i rypiom was te wasze zionce , oj rypiom ,
60 lat w zapomnieniu ,.. A co wy o tym myslicie ??? Szczerze :)



The book, published by the Jabotinsky Institute, was virtually ignored by the
public and the academic world because it was at odds with the official
narrative of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. The conventional view was that the
uprising was planned and launched by Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa (ZOB), the
Jewish Fighting Organization, founded by the Zionist socialist movement. The
ZOB fought bravely against the Germans, but when defeat seemed certain, the
fighters took the heroes of Masada as their model and committed suicide.

With the authentic ring on display at the newly opened Yad Vashem Museum and
the story of the ZZW being told openly, the Jewish Military Union, missing
from the history books for political reasons for 60 years and more, has now
received belated recognition.

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