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21.11.05, 16:16
W Kanadzie zamieniaja drzwi w budynkach rzadowych by ulatwiac zycie

A plan by the mayor of Bluebottle, Ontario to replace some doors in local
government buildings has been met with derision and mockery from his
political opponents...
"It's got nothing to do with political correctness, this whole PC thing is
just a pretext used by conservatives to blindly criticize everything I do,"
said Mayor Ricardo Grabovsky on Saturday. "As 10% of the population is left-
handed, it's just plain common sense that 10% of doors should have the
handles on the other side. 10% of scissors are left-handed, and you don't
hear anyone complaining about that."
However, a spokesperson for Left Alone!, a left-handed pressure group,
dismissed the plan as "ridiculous".
"It's ridiculous", said Marilu Frontbottom, 32, "The people of our town have
far more important issues to worry about. Bears, for example."
Wiem ze ostatnio jest trendy tolerowac "piszacych inaczej", ale kiedy mysle o
tym, co robia w lozku, az rzygac mi sie chce.
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