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Alarm RADIACYJNY w Czeczenii!

17.12.05, 08:20
Natezenie promieniowania 58 000 razy wyzsze od dopuszczalnego!

Coz, jak sie nie da wszystkich Czeczenow wystrzelac ani wydusic gazami
bojowymi, to mozna zawsze wyniszczyc promieniowaniem radioaktywnym.

(AP, CNN, BBC) Radiation alert at Chechen plant

Prosecutors in Chechnya have opened a criminal investigation after
finding "catastrophic" levels of radioactivity at a chemical factory in the
Investigators say the radiation - in one place reportedly 58,000 times the
usual level - poses a danger to people in the region's capital, Grozny.

The case has also raised fears militants could take radioactive waste to use
in a so-called "dirty bomb".

The plant has reportedly not been secured since Russia bombed it in 1999.[!!]

'No safety steps'

Chechen prosecutors say radioactive materials have been improperly stored at
the Grozny Chemical Factory, run by the Chechen Oil and Chemical Industry,
and that a "catastrophic radioactivity situation" has developed.

Fears over nuclear relics

"It's a threat to the population because the leadership of the plant is
taking no steps whatsoever to remove the radioactive material or isolate
access to the plant," prosecutor Valery Kuznetsov said on Friday, according
to the Associated Press.

The Russian prosecutor general's office said between 27 and 29 radioactive
elements had been identified at the plant, with the cobalt-60 isotope
considered particularly dangerous.

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