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Sa nie tylko nazisci , syjonisci maja rowniez upaprane lapy zydowska krwia ,
po same lokcie ,... Przemilczanie tego przez sympatykow dzisiejszego
syjonizmu stawia w jednym szeregu z jednymi i drugimi .


Zionism and the Holocaust / by Annie Zirin

Zionism's most powerful claim to legitimacy is that the State of Israel is
necessary to prevent another Holocaust. The legacy of the Holocaust is
brought out to justify every atrocity committed by Israel. But it is
precisely the record of how the Jewish Agency (the government of the pre-
state Jewish settlements in Palestine) responded to the Holocaust that
provides the most damning evidence against Zionism.
To the leaders of the Jewish Agency, the rise of fascism had a definite
upside. Menahem Ussishkin told a Zionist Executive meeting, "There is
something positive in their tragedy and that is that Hitler oppressed them as
a race and not as a religion. Had he done the latter, half the Jews in
Germany would simply have converted to Christianity." In 1934, Labor Zionist
Moshe Beilinson went to Germany and reported back to the Labor Party, "The
streets are paved with more money than we have ever dreamed of in the history
of our Zionist enterprise. Here is an opportunity to build and flourish like
none we have ever had or ever will have." Specifically, "the opportunity"
meant the potential for thousands of new immigrants and their assets to come
flooding into Palestine.
However, Zionist officials were quite blunt in stating that they didn't want
all the refugees from Hitler's Holocaust. They didn't want the burden of
absorbing millions of impoverished sick refugees who had no ideological
passion for Palestine. The Agency only wanted young, healthy Jews who could
come over and work and fight and build the state. As Israeli historian Tom
Segev writes,
Urban life was, in their [Zionist leaders] eyes, a symptom of social and
moral degeneration; returning to the land would give birth to the 'new man'
they hoped to create in Palestine. In parceling our the immigration
certificates, they therefore gave preference to those who could play a role
in their program for building the country. They preferred healthy young
The German Immigrants Association in Palestine actually complained in 1934
that the Zionist organizations in Berlin weren't being selective enough about
who they were sending. Its letter of complaint stated in part, 'The human
material coming from Germany is getting worse and worse." It even returned
some of the refugees to Germany who they felt would be too much of a burden.
The Rescue Committee of the Jewish Agency wrote a private memorandum in 1943
about the prospects for their work. When this was written, it still could
have been possible to save millions of Jews from Hitler's "Final Solution."
But they didn't even try.
Whom to save: Should we help everyone in need, without regard to the quality
of the people? Should we nor give this activity a Zionist-national character
and try foremost to save those who can be of use to the Land of Israel and to
Jewry? I understand that it seems crude to put the question in this form, but
unfortunately we must state that if we are able to save only 10,000 people
from among 50,000 who can contribute to build the against saving
a million Jews who will be a burden, or at best an apathetic element, we must
restrain ourselves and save the 10,000 that can be saved from among the
50,000-despite the accusations and pleas of a million."
Was this position unethical? To paraphrase Jabotinsky, this was their ethic-
there was no other ethic. To the Zionists, the needs of the Jewish State came
first, second, and last.
The refugees who did make it to Palestine were treated with contempt by the
press and public. They were seen as passive victims whose families perished
because they failed to stand up for themselves. Everyone knew that most of
the refugees, if they had had a choice, would never have come to Palestine at
all. The Labor Party newspaper, Davar, published an article saying that the
Holocaust was "punishment from heaven" for the European Jews for not choosing
Palestine. One German immigrant wrote into the German language press, "We
have seen Germany's nationalism gone mad and we trembled; we are on the road
to a similar situation here."
The Zionists took these sick, | devastated refugees and sent them into the
kibbutzim-on the frontlines of the war against the Palestinians. Tom Segev
In 1949 David Ben-Gurion toyed with the idea of sending immigrants to work on
development projects under a military or "paramilitary" regimen, in order to
get rid of the "demoralizing material" among them and to give them
occupational training, mastery of Hebrew and "national discipline".... The
plan, never activated, was often discussed. Eight out of ten Israelis in 1949
said that the concentration of immigrants in the cities endangered the
country's economic and social structure; nine out of ten said the immigrants
should be "directed" to the agricultural settlements and slightly more than
half said they should be "forced" to go to the settlements....
Ha'aretz...contended that the immigrants were "not taking seriously the
obligations they took upon themselves before their immigration; and accused
them of not feeling any 'personal responsibility' for the Zionist enterprise."
"Why have you done nothing?"
The bottom line was that the Jewish Agency in Palestine had many
opportunities to rescue tens of thousands of Jews and perhaps more. But they
sabotaged proposal after proposal, choosing to spend their money on land
settlements instead of rescue. David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of
Israel said, "It is the job of Zionism not to save the remnant of Israel in
Europe but rather to save the land of Israel for the Jewish people and the
Yishuv." )
Chaim Weizmann, the first president of Israel, was even more blunt: " The
hopes of Europe's six million Jews are centered on emigration. I was
asked: 'Can you bring six million Jews to / Palestine?' I replied 'No.'...
From the depths of the tragedy I want to save...young people [for Palestine].
The old ones will pass. They will bear their fate or they will not. They are
dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world...Only the branch of the young
shall survive. They have to have to accept it."
In the 1950s, a dramatic court case in Israel revealed that the Zionists had
acted with criminal neglect-if not outright complicity-in the destruction of
Hungarian Jewry. Evidence produced at the trial showed that Rudolph Kastner,
a top official in the Israeli Labor Party, and the person in charge of the
Rescue Committee in Hungary during the war, had actively collaborated with
the Nazis. Kastner negotiated with Nazi official Adolph Eichmann (the
architect of the Holocaust) to get a approval for a "VIP train" of 1,685
Hungarian Jews to leave Hungary safely. Kastner personally selected the
passengers for the train, which included several hundred people from his
hometown and a dozen members of his family. He worked with SS Officer Kurt
Becher to make the financial arrangements.
In exchange for the safe passage of the train, Kastner agreed not to warn the
Jews of Hungary (whose rescue was in his hands) about Hitler's plans for
their extermination and not to take any action to protect them. Worse, he
helped to deceive Hungarian Jews, convincing them that they were simply being
relocated. After the war, Kastner testified at the Nuremberg trials on
Becher's behalf, which resulted in Becher, murderer of half a million
Hungarian Jews, going free. Most damning of all, it became clear that Kastner
had not acted alone, but that his plan for the VIP
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      >__"Niewinny"-----skazany w Egipcie ))))))))))))

      Skazany Arab robil przeciez tylko tak samo co prorok Mohamed ,wiec za
      co skazali ??

      Egipt-za dużo żon
      Paweł Lewicki/IAR, 2003-05-30 06:26:42

      Egipski sąd skazał zamożnego biznesmena na 3 lata więzienia za przekroczenie
      dozwolonego przez islam limitu czterech żon. Sayed Ragab as-Sawarki złamał
      prawo żeniąc się z pięcioma kobietami naraz.

      Ponadto zawarł w międzyczasie 29 romansów z dziewczynkami poniżej 15 roku
      Al-Sawarki, uważający się mimo wszystko za pobożnego muzułmanina, został
      aresztowany w maju 2001 roku, w czasie gdy wracał z pielgrzymki do Mekki.

      Egipski wymiar sprawiedliwości skazał biznesmena na 7 lat więzienia i
      ciężkich robót już w styczniu 2002 roku. Tym razem, po odwołaniu się od
      wyroku, sąd obniżył karę na 3 lata pozbawienia wolności.

      Obecne na sali sądowej kobiety, w tym żony Egipcjanina, były zadowolone z
      wyroku. Al-Sawarki, ktory miał nadzieję na uniewinnienie, wysłuchiwał wyroku
      z łzami w oczach. Teraz zamierza ponownie wnosić o apelację.


      "Figlarne" zycie proroka Islamu---w nasze kulturze ,wiezienie za PEDOFILIE I
      Sami widzicie jaka rozbierznosc kultur...
      ..po przeczytaniu tego tekstu wlosy
      staja na glowie ...a to tylko ta "ladna" czesc przypowiesci o proroku
      Islamu. Fakty sprawdzone.
      Te "brzydkie" ukryli skrzetnie.
      Pozostaje pytanie na ktore nie odpowiedzieli nasi wygadani islamisci na
      forum :
      Czy powierzylbys swoja 8 letnia coreczke 53 letniemu Muhamedowi
      pod "opieke" ?????????

      Autor: Gość: Allah IP: *, / 10.100.4.*
      Data: 21-05-2002 12:12 + odpowiedz na list

      Napisze wam prawde o ty falszywym proroku arabskim Mohamedzie wszystko wg
      Koranu i przypisow :

      Muhamed naprawde mnie rozzloscil , " poslubil" 8-letnie dziecko
      Aiyshe ,corke przyjaciela (bawil sie z nia gdy miala 5 lat i upodobal ja
      sobie ).
      PO TYM "slubie" , natychmiast zgwalcil dziecko jak pierwszy lepszy
      PEDOFIL !!!!
      I takiego zwa prorokiem !
      Sam mial 9 zon i niezliczone konkubiny , innym Arabom przyzwolil tylko 4
      Zaczne pisac o tym typku (Mohamecie) , bo bardzo zly jestem na te
      arabskie wypaczenia i klamstwa.
      Zeby bylo weselej swoja 12 letnia corke Fatime ,Mohamed oddal
      koledze i ten tez natychmiast zgwalcil (zmusil do powinnosci malzenskich)
      dziecko ku zadowoleniu tatusia , bo dziecko ,kobieta ma byc bezwzglednie
      posluszna meszczyznie w Islamie.
      (wszystkie te wybryki opisane w Koranie i przypisach)

      A teraz pytanie do Arabow i Normalnej z Libanu (zony Palestynczyka)!!!!!!!!!!

      gdy gwalcil , powiedzmy ladniej (posiadl i zmusil do spelnienia obowiazku
      malzenskiego) dziecko Aiyshe mial 53 lata !!!!
      Teraz PYTAM ,ja ALLAH
      wszystkich Arabow na forum wlacznie z Normalna z Libanu !
      PYTAM I ZADAM ODPOWIEDZI .... Czy dalibyscie swoje dziecko 8-
      letnie ,dziewczynke siedzaca jeszcze na kolanach matki w rece jakiegos
      53 letniego zboczenca (dziadzia ) jako "zone" ?????
      To skandal ,ze taki otumanil miliony,milionow Arabow i nazwal
      sie prorokiem ,a byl tylko samozwancem .

      Wszystkie dane dokladnie wg Koranu i przypisow (hadissy) muzulmanskiej
      Dzieciom obecnie daje sie takze alternatywe nie do odrzucenia w Islamie,
      wez bombe i rozerwij sie zabijaJAC INNYCH NIEWINNYCH LUDZI DLA DOBRA ISLAMU
      Co jest kompletna bzdura i jeszcze jednym przekreceniem moich (Allaha)
      przykazan o milosci do ludzi.

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