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Who doesn't want to see Poland as fillar of West?

18.07.05, 07:18
What other nation has contributed so much to western civilization without
claiming" a bragging rights"? Why do people prefer to recall Italian Gallileo
who only based his teory and followed Pole Nicolaus Copernicus discovery of
the solar system?
Why do we hear more about "correctness and order"of Mozart and Bach music
instead of the versitality and musical soul of Frederic Chopin?
Why do Polish scientist Maria Curie invents rad and polon and doesn't make a
cent from establishing new and revolucionary fiels of science-radioactivity
and nuclear field?
Why do Poland's matematicians break Nazi Germany coding machine ENIGMA and
now British and Americans claim that they have supposedly "captured" it 10
years later...ha ha
Or Jan Szczepanics invention of the prototype of modern tv set, or his
invention of color film, which was later used by Kodaks in establising it's
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