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Analytik finansowy poszukowany do Znina

10.01.06, 12:44
Dla celów filtracji kandydatów, reszta ogłoszenia następuje po angialsku.

For an international client I am looking for a financial analyst from the Żnin
area or willing to go there to work.

English is essential, as is experience in financial analysis. Broad office
experience, with some time in bookeeping will stand you in good stead for
this job.

German is not essntial, but will be helpful, if in addition to English.

Fluent Polish is essential, an existing right to work in Poland will also be
preferred, but the candidate may be either a Polish citizen or a Polish-
speaking foreigner.

The budget is 5,000 PLN per month, with a modest relocation allowance
applicable if coming to the area to work.

More details on application. First mail me privately on here, and then I will
give you the details where to send your CV.
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