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14.03.20, 00:02
Wcaoraj dostalam wiadomosc, ze z powodu koronowirusa Education Perfect daje bezplatny nieograniczony dostep do swoich materialow . to sa naprawde dobre materialy, korzystam od paru lat i uczniowie to uwielbiaja. moze ktos zechce skorzystac.

mam nadzieje ze w Polsce tez sie przyda
In response to the rapidly changing landscape caused by COVID-19, EP is providing free and unlimited access to all schools until May 1st.

EP is actively supporting schools from over 30 countries around the world disrupted by COVID-19.

Why are schools turning to EP?
• Our learning tool is accessible from any device
• Live monitoring allows real time tracking of students’ progress
• Messaging enables teachers to provide immediate feedback and support
• Fully customisable curriculum-aligned content ensures continuity
• Targeted remediation provides individual learning plans for each student
In a time of such uncertainty and disruption, we are here to help minimise the impact on student learning and wellbeing.

You can activate your access here.
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Sorry, za ten dlugi link. Mam nadzieje ze zadziala.
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