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Swait sie budzi z covidoglupawki (-fobii)

27.08.20, 16:42
Jezuuuu! Wreszcie!
Nawet w Belgii zaczynaja przegladac na oczy!
Finally, they asserted that “citizens have the right to objective and honest information,” adding that “the current climate of covidophobia is completely unjustified and generates harmful anxiety for a large part of the population.”

Containing the Covid-19 virus seems an acceptable strategy at first sight, they say, but will never solve the problem unless “we accept to spend the rest of our days in a society of fear.”


“In short,” they say, “protect those who need it, and allow the rest of the population to move freely so that the disease can spread naturally. It will eventually weaken the virus.”

Tylko najpierw niech tej reszcie odbuduja siatke polaczen lotniczych, zeby mogla sie tak move freelly! smile)) Please!!!
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