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kradzieże metali z nagrobków na cmentarzach

02.07.08, 21:07

czyżby polonia zajęła się interesem...?

nagle bogaci Amerykanie zajęli się 'złomiarstwem' czyli kradzieżą metali...?

Stealing metal to sell for scrap is nothing new, but officials say thieves are
going to greater lengths and thefts are becoming more disruptive. The target
in most thefts is copper and aluminum; bronze and brass, which contain copper,
are also popular targets.

The thefts range from more traditional items like copper wire, hurricane
shutters and air conditioning units to cemetery vases, catalytic converters
and flush valves from public toilets

These kind of thefts don't just happen in big cities like New York City or San
Francisco, in my small town in Virginia a friend of mine had his aluminum shed
in his back yard stolen while he was on vacation.

It is placed on a grave to honor a war veteran. But now thieves have
discovered its worth. Authorities say memorial markers are being stolen. A
number have been reported missing from the Kechi Cemetery.

The memorial markers are round and designed to hold a small American flag.

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