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Na sushi sie skusze :)

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Widzialem to dzis w TV i mimo ze nie przepadam za sushi to chyba sie skusze

Dinner a la nude

When Chris Leahy and Andrew Hagene serve a meal, the platter is at least as
interesting as the food.

A nude woman lies on a round, mirrored table as Chef Chris Leahy places small
pieces of sushi atop each of her legs.

He completes an interweaving pattern of cucumber and tuna rolls that snakes
from her ankle to her neck. He nestles a bowl of wasabi in the crook of her
right arm, then puts a plate of ginger at her feet. He steps back to admire
his work.

The well dressed partygoers watch with watering mouths. Leahy works quickly,
arranging pieces of smoked salmon terrine in a circular pattern on the table.
He places sweet corncakes and crawfish served on mustard toast points on and
around his subject’s body.

He attempts to place a duck cake wrapped in caul fat on her chest, but it
slides off. A Vanilla Stoli cherry brownie stays in place much better.

He outlines the woman’s body with chocolate covered strawberries like a chalk
drawing as she lies perfectly still. When finished, Leahy addresses the
crowd. He thanks them for coming and describes the food they are about to eat.

“And please respect the model,” he says. “If the model is not respected, the
party is over.”

And then, dinner is served.

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