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Trzech koreanskich turystow porwanych na Synaju

10.02.12, 18:14
wyciagneli ich z busa ktorym jechali tez inni turysci

Egyptian security chief for the Sinai Peninsula Major-General Mohammed Naguib announced on Friday that armed tribesmen had kidnapped three Korean tourists and their Egyptian guide.
According to Naguib, tribesmen stopped a tourist bus and took the four hostage, leaving several other tourists behind.
The incident is the latest in a string of kidnappings this month. Tribesmen occasionally abduct tourists to use as bargaining chips in negotiations with the government for the release of imprisoned colleagues. Tourists are rarely harmed in such cases.
On Thursday, tribesmen briefly kidnapped 18 Egyptian security guards to protest the recent killing of one of their clan. And two American women who were briefly abducted last week with their Egyptian guide said afterward that their captors had served them tea and dried fruit.
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